Kevin Sullivan, author of the New York Times best-selling “The WWE Championship“, is featuring extra quotes from WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that didn’t make the book including if Austin ever thought of leaving the business after a string of injuries and setbacks.

“I never thought of giving up. But I never dwelled on being the world champion either. I when I first broke in in World Class Championship Wrestling–which later turned into the USWA–I was greener than hell. I was just worried about trying to string a match together to go six to eight minutes, then 10 to 12, then 15 … I was just trying to put my time in and learn how to tell a story. I was so caught up in the mechanical end of the business, I was just trying to become a good wrestler. Of course, I watched what the world champions were doing too.

When I came to WWE, I had been out of work … I had a busted arm … I was working for ECW. When I finally got hot and turned into Stone Cold Steve Austin, I still didn’t think about being world champion until I got the championship put on me at XIV.

I never thought about giving up, but I never dwelled on being world champion either, I was just worried about making a paycheck.”

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