7/4 WWE Results: Perth, Australia

Glen Varis sent this report in:

Well it was a last minute decision, however a good one as i sit in the home of the worlds worst hotdog – Burswood dome, Perth W.A. for WWE`s Australian leg of the tour.

First up is C.M. Punk – He starts out pretty much going on about how he ca`nt talk ill of the WWE but people he can, so off we go with a “here`s a story about Vincent Kennedy McMahon…” Mic gets cut again and here come`s Rey Misterio.

While Rey is waiting Punk is trying to slap out some front rowers, finally Punk does a flip over the ropes and purposley falls in to the 619 position as Rey watches with hands on hips. Punk was antagonizing and entertaining all night, Shame we only got to see this side of him in WWE 4 weeks from the end of his contract. Punk is set up for the 619 5 times through the match and Rey finally catches him on the 6th, Punk kicks out, Rey gets a 7th and a top rope splash for the pin.

The horrible Bellas come out for a singles match against Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix soon joins to make it a tag match. Kelly pins one of the Bellas with a flying body press (They are exactly the same so i did`nt really take any wno it was).

Primo comes out to a cricket chirping, poor guy and Zack Ryder gets some decent noise. Ryder wins with whatever he calls his finisher. He gets on the mic we get a “Woo woo woo, you know it” Big reaction.

ON YOUR KNEES! My man Swaggy, Jack Swagger comes out to lots of boos, Out comes Evan Bourne to a good reaction. Evan ends up stealing a win like always with an Air Bourne.

Deja vu as we get the same match as last year, just after Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston for the secondary title like this year, Anyhow As with last year Dolph pins Kofi with a tight lucky roll up after reversing a high cross body from the top rope to retain the U.S. title and like last year Kofi gets a cheap `T.I.P.` while Dolph is celebrating.

Time for the Kelly Kelly dance Comp, – 3 adults and a kid dance it off, the 2 girls dance first and are booed more than Punk, the kid gets a louder cheer the Cena and the last guy was goofy so he was booed halfheartedly because everyone wanted the kid to win. He gets to meet one of the WWE superstars and of course he says `Cena`.(My GF said `at least they all got to meet Kelly Kelly` To which i retorted `Yeah so everyone loses`)Personally In would have wanted to meet the Miz….

Intermission (No hotdogs for me from this place,been there)

Back from intermission and we have the epic Santino Merella and Vlad Kozlov Vs David Otunga and Micheal Mcgilligutty (sorry looks spelt wrong) Usual Santino comedy routine, The once unstoppable monster who made HHH sweat and scared the underpants off underpants is pinned underwhelmingly by a M.M. swinging neckbreaker. What happens that makes a monster become someone who loses to an NXT rookie with a 1980`s finisher? Sad.

Next is the highlight of the night – The MIZ! He comes out says Perth sucks, the people from Perth suck. Whatever he says – I will try to be objective but i am a `bottom floor` Miz fan. The moment he turned on Morrison at the draft 2 years ago he was number 1 and still is. Almost a man crush type of thing. Anyway, he then start bagging that ungratful tool Alex Riley. He try his AWESOME catchphrase but he keeps getting booed,He was playing to it and it was quite funny. He said “I have a mic, so i`m louder than all your boos” He started to say it and the boos almost drowned out the mic! I could`nt hear him over my cheering. Then Riley sneaks up, The GM says a street fight and its on. Halfway through the match Miz grabs the mic leans in to the front row and says “Do you know who i am? The most seen WWE champion of all time so shut – the -hell – up!” YEAH! Anyway a few cane shots back and forth, A big brawl amongst the ringside fans about ten rows in (Or should i say security), A Ry brings in the table and Miz goes through it, fast count by the ref and Riley steals it (Looked fast to me anyway).

The truth will set you free! Out comes someone who is finding his niche more and more and I`m loving his character. He preaches the truth and says there are a lot of little Jimmys and even little Jennys. People laugh he ask if they like that? Do they like him? Well”Your fat, Your ugly and you a 4 eyes!” Loud boos, now he`s happy. Cena comes out and you can now hear where all the little Jimmys are because they are loud (Though the biggest live pop i ever heard was for HHH last year. that was incredible) As usual Cena sucks,lets go Cena all around throughout. Takes a while for the match to start, was`nt all that interesting till the end when Punk came out while the referee was having a siesta, Cena still kicked out,Punk back in throws out the ref then Cena throws out Punk AA/FU on Truth and people are starting to go.

Then the most amazing part of the night, Cena cut an AMAZING promo. That went something like this. “I had one guy in the front saying go back to America and another one over here chanting for the Rock!. (Crowd starts chanting Rocky) Well you`re going to have to chant a lot louder than that because the Rock is relaxing in his mansion waiting for his next lead role, he could`nt be bothered taking a 20 hour flight with all the guys in the back. He calls himself the leader of team bring it? What are people supposed to bring? a doctors note saying he cant make it because he`s to sick? I`m not an actor im a (Wait for it, WWE protocol remember) PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!” (Not `sports entertainer`I have`nt heard that term from a WWE source in a LONG time) He went on for a while longer about standard stuff but he seemed really passionate/controlled disdain when talking about the Rock and bu the end he had everyone on side. If they were`nt booked to wrestle next year i would have been totally convinced he was pure shooting , although i still think most of it was.

Anyway went home mostly happy (Besides the Miz result) and I must say this was the best WWE i have ever been to. No one called it in, there were promo`s a lot of fan interaction (Especially from Punk) Very glad i changed my mind literally 2 hours before the show, next time there`s no question – I`ll be back.