WWE May 2011 business figures courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

* The company shipped 271,000 DVD units, a drop of 31% from last year (393,000 units).

* WWE.com drew 13.7 million unique visitors, up 16% from last year (11.8 million).

* WWEShop.com averaged 899 orders per day, up 73% from last year (484 orders per day).

* House show attendance fell to an average of 4,633.

In regards to DVD sales, the most shipped units in the last few months include The John Cena Experience (175,000 units), Wrestlemania 27 (160,000 units as of the end of May, a sharp contrast to what Wrestlemania normally sells on DVD), 50 Greatest Superstars of All-Time (116,000 units), History of Wrestlemania (115,000 units) and the Best of Raw 2010 (95,000 units).