Wrestleview VIP member Dane from Down Under sent this report in:

WWE Raw House Show
Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia
WrestleView VIP member “Dane from Down Under”

Nickelback came through the speakers, the pryo went off, and Justin Roberts took to the ring.

He welcomed us, and said that CM Punk was in the building tonight, and that he has reached an understanding with Vince McMahon to finish his contracted dates.

Punk came out to massive heat. He said by being on suspension Vince is toying with his money, and he doesn’t like it. Not only that, he doesn’t need the WWE, the WWE needs him. He then went on another tear similar to Monday past, bringing up Stephanie, Hunter, etc. It was very marky. Mysterio’s music then hit and he hit the ring to a huge pop.

Match #1
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Long, but great opening match. A lot of attempted 619s, finished with the missed Go To Sleep turned into 619 + top rope splash = win for Rey.
Punk was absolutely awesome in this match, his subtle heel tactics make him so entertaining.

Match #2
Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella (i think) for Divas Championship
Big Pop for Kelly Kelly, who had pyro (similar style to Chris Masters). Early double attack from both Bellas on Kelly, Beth Phoenix made the save.
Raw GM dinged, made the match a tag match.

Match #2 (restart)
Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs. The Bella Twins
Beth getting the beatdown for majority of match. Hot tag for Kelly Kelly, she hit her signature spots and finished with the K2.
According to my girlfriend (I was busy typing the finish into my phone) a guy at ringside attempted to try and kiss Kelly Kelly, he was escorted away by security.

Match #3
Primo Colonm vs. Zack Ryder
Primo came out first to absolutely no reaction, most people forgot he existed. HUGE pop for Ryder. Ryder worked face here, really short match (under 3 minutes), winner via Rough Ryder.

Technical problems after the match, no theme music played (didn’t get to hear “Oh Radio” again – huge fail)
Cables were re-connected and Justin Roberts introduced the next match

Match #4
Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne
Evan came out to pyro + a huge pop. Swagger playing the crowd well during this match. Good back and forth, finished with the Air Bourne.

Match #5
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for US Title
Dolph came out cutting a promo, about how he hates Australia, and how he can’t wait to get back to USA and defend the title on home soil. Called Kofi a “wannabe”, and said there was good, great, excellent, champions, and then there was Dolph Ziggler. Kofi came out to a huge pop. Dolph faked throwing his t-shirt to different sections of the crowd before dropping it just outisde the ring, huge heat for this. As usual, decent match between them, slow start however. Lots of SOS/Zig-Zag attempts, two sleepers, finally ended with the high cross body by Kofi into a roll-through by Ziggler holding the tights for the win. As he celebrated with the belt, Kofi blasted him with the Trouble in Paradise to a huge pop.

Crowd-interaction segement.
Held a dance-off with 4 crowd members, with the winner being able to have a meet+greet with any Superstar backstage of their choosing.
Funny segment with one participant getting huge boos for acting like a tool.
As exepcted, the little kid won, and when asked who he was going to want to meet – “John Cena”. Mixed crowd reaction.


Match #6
Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov for Tag Team Championship
Huge pop for Santino. Crowd was really into him. Good comedic spots, ended with a distraction leading to interferance by Otunga on Santina, finished by the McGillicutter for the win and retain for the champs.

Miz came out with a microphone. At first mixed reaction (few cheers) but turned into huge heat. Ran down the crowd with standard anti-Australia promo, then blamed not being in the main event at MITB on Alex Riley. He was killer on the mic, his timing is incredible. Along with Punk, absolute standouts. Alex Riley then ran down the ring to lay a whooping on him. They break up, only for a message from the GM. Said since there is obviously unfinished business, there will be a match between the two – a “Sydney Street Fight”.

Match #7
The Miz vs. Alex Riley (Sydney Street Fight)
Throughout the match, huge “we want tables” chants. For most of the match, Riley dominated by Miz. He cut a promo mid-match, responding to out chants, saying he is “not a wanker”. He then cut a promo on A-Ry while giving him repeated head shots with the mic. Short comeback from Riley. Miz got a kendo stick from under the ring, hit Riley a few times. Riley then took control with the stick. Miz to the outside, who came back in with a chair. Set it up between the 2nd and top rope. Attempted to hit the Skull Crushing Finale into it, Riley threw him off the ropes and hit a drop toe-hold sending Miz face-first into the chair, finished it off with the Impaler DDT. Crowd was really into the finish.

R-Truth came out to huge heat. Cut a “little Jimmy” promo saying he deserves respect. John Cena then came out to a ridiculous pop.

Match #8 (Main Event)
John Cena vs. R-Truth for WWE Championship
“Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants to start match. John’s facials to this are awesome. He laughs and shrugs it off, and gets into the match. Lots of stalling, slow paced match. Turned into a 10 minute beatdown of Cena by Truth. Some fans are leaving at this point. Truth is stopping every minute to leave the ring and rant on kids at ringside. The duel chants start up again. The match goes outside, and Truth throws Cena into the stairs at huge force. He steals a kids drink to huge heat. Inside, Cena gets momentum, shoulderblocks, Proto Bomb, five knuckle-shuffle, but Truth escapes from the AA. Hits the Axe Kick, near fall. Ref bump, Cena locks Truth in the STF, Truth taps. Ref still down. CM Punk runs down, hits the Go To Sleep on Cena, covers him with Truth, and wakes the ref. Close 2 count. Punk jumps on the apron, Cena sends Truth into him, and hits the Attitude Adjustment for the 3 count. Massive pop.

Cena stays and poses for photos, Truth and Punk both leave, Punk staring him down from the top of the ramp.

Huge, huge pops for Cena, who ends the show by taking hi-fiving kids at ringside.

Good show overall, impressed by the number of promos and level of crowd interaction.

Had a much ‘bigger’ feel to it than other house shows I’ve been to – really fun night