7/1 WWE Results: Sydney, Australia

Callum Rule sent this report in:

The results for Sydney:

Punk came out and cut a promo

1. Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk

2. It was Kelly vs Brie, but The Bellas attacked Kelly before the match and Beth ran out and made the save. Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins.

3. Zack Ryder def. Primo (Zack played as a face)

4. Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger

5. Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

6. Kelly Kelly came out again and got four people from the crowd, they had a dance off and the winner got to meet a WWE superstar of their choosing backstage. A little boy won and chose to meet John Cena backstage.


7. Michael McGuillicutty & David Otunga def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

Miz came out and cut a great promo, got massive heat. Alex Riley ran out and attacked him. RAM GM made the match a Sydney Streetfight.

8. Alex Riley def. The Miz in a Sydney Streetfight

R-Truth came out and cut a promo.

9. John Cena def. R-Truth. CM Punk ran out and hit the GTS on Cena, but the ref was knocked out and was too slow to count so Cena kicked out. Cena won with the AA.

-Punk and a fan seemed to be getting into a heated argument ringside, security had to come and kind of stop them.
-Truth took a kids drink, took a sip and threw it to the ground and the kid started to cry
-Cena/Truth match was worst of the night at the start of it, way to slow for the first 10 minutes
-Dolph/Kofi, Evan/Swagger and Rey/Punk were all really good matches.

Really enjoyable show!

They said they will be back in the very near future.