The following took place on Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona.

Callum Rule sent this report in:

WWE Smackdown for July 1:

* The show opens with the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging high. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton is announced with Christian banned from ringside by Teddy Long. Christian wants a rematch against Orton at the pay-per-view.

* Randy Orton beat Mark Henry by count out. Big Show’s music hit, distracted Henry and allowed Orton to hit an RKO on the floor for the count out. Henry went nuts at the production area and tore the place up.

* Daniel Bryan beat Ted DiBiase by submission. There is no music right now because of Henry trashing the production area.

* Christian approaches Teddy Long in the back and wants a title shot. Teddy makes Christian vs. Sin Cara tonight for Christian playing Big Show’s music earlier.

* Backstage segment – Cody Rhodes is upset with Ted DiBiase.

* Christian defeated Sin Cara in a decent match. Christian won with the spear. A contract signing between Christian and Orton will take place later in the show.

* Cody Rhodes beat Ezekiel Jackson in a non-title match with help from Ted DiBiase.

* Backstage segment with Johnny Curtis that didn’t make much sense.

* Kane beat Wade Barrett with a chokeslam. This looked like a match betweenMoney in the Bank participants because they kept focusing on the briefcase but didn’t announce anything yet.

* Teddy Long calls out Randy Orton and Christian for their contract signing. Christian brings a lawyer with him. It’s in the contract that if the referee makes a bad call, he gets another rematch. Orton is all business here on the mic. Orton signed the contract and before Christian does, Sheamus attacks Orton from behind. Sheamus also laid Christian out and destroyed the contract to end the show.