Alex Marvez is featuring an interview with Bill DeMott in his latest syndicated wrestling column talking about how DeMott was brought back as a trainer for the return of “Tough Enough” – the same company that let him go years earlier as a trainer for the now defunct Deep South Wrestling.

“When I got the call from (WWE) about ‘Tough Enough,’ I told my wife how funny it is that the guy who got chastised for what he does and how he does it is going back to TV. I guess in some people’s mind I make a good TV character, even though I don’t see myself that way. When I was offered the job, I didn’t think twice about taking it.

I’m in-your-face and honest — sometimes brutally honest — and I’m louder than most (trainers). In the WWE, you’re getting paid to be around some of the best entertainers in the world. A lot is expected. If you can’t stand the way I deal with you, what makes you think you can stand in front of anyone who matters in WWE (management)? I always say, ‘Once you get through me, the rest should be easy.'”

Full interview:
Marvez: Bill DeMott having ‘The Last Laugh’