“The Gamer” section of ESPN.com is featuring an interview with Alberto Del Rio who was in attendance at the big E3 convention in Los Angeles recently. In the interview, Del Rio talks about his transition to wrestling in the U.S. and why he feels he is a better wrestler now.

“I can say that I’m a better wrestler now that I’m in WWE because the way we work in WWE is totally different than what you see anywhere else. Here, we work with logic, and there’s a reason for everything we do in the ring. Whether it’s a dropkick or a punch, there’s a reason for everything. Lucha Libre style is beautiful, but in Lucha Libre, we just do things because it looks pretty, or it looks spectacular, but there’s no logic or anything. That’s why I think I’m a better wrestler now.”

Full interview:
E3 2011: Alberto Del Rio talks ‘WWE 12’