The following took place on Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa.

WWE Smackdown for June 3:

* Christian def. Mark Henry.

* Christian requested Teddy Long change tonight’s scheduled main event between Randy Orton and Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship be turned into a triple threat. Long denied the request, but said Christian could be the special guest referee.

* Alicia Fox and Tamina def. Kaitlyn and AJ.

* Jinder Mahal def. Yoshi Tatsu.

* Ezekiel Jackson def. WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett via count out. Barrett retains and Jackson beat up on both Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

* Backstage, Sheamus told Christian he wished Long would have changed it to a triple threat tonight. Christian blew him off.

* Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase. After the match, DiBiase and Cody Rhodes attacked Bryan. Sin Cara ran out to make the save.

* Randy Orton def. Sheamus with Christian as the special guest referee to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Christian played up a shoulder injury during a ref bump spot. Sheamus at one point had the match won, but Christian favored his shoulder after counting to two. Orton won with an RKO. After the match, Christian knocked out Orton with the title.

Source: The Wrestling Observer