Results Courtesy: John “The Big Mosh” Masiulionis & Eric “Steel” Radder (

From Rochester, NY at The Blue Cross Arena

In-ring vignette with WWE intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. She recapped last friday night’s handicap with John Cena. Vickie claims to have suffered vertigo as a result of Cena picking her up for an attempted attitude adjustment. Dolph and Vickie were interrupted by Kofi Kingston. Kingston said he wad going to refresh their memory on what happened at TLC. Then jack swagger crashed the party. He agrees with Kofi on the injustice that went down at TLC. Ziggler said both swagger and Kingston were jealous because he was still the WWE intercontinental champion. Kofi and swagger demanded a rematch for the IC title. All three then went at it, with Kingston tossing swagger and Ziggler to the outside. Teddy long came out, announcing a triple threat IC title rematch from TLC. Welcome to teddy long’s holla-holla-holla holiday party for new years eve 2011.

– The Big Show defeated “Dashing” Cody Rhodes via count-out.

– Drew Mcintyre def. Trent Barretta via count-out after barretta missed a plancha over the top rope to the outside. Post-match, mcintyre hit his finisher on the outside onto trent.

– The world heavyweight champion “The rated-r superstar” Edge and Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio and Kane, as Mysterio hit the 619 on Del Rio, with Edge hitting the spear for the three-count.

– WWE divas champion Natalya & “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix def. Laycool, with beth hitting her finisher for the win. This match includes a “dry humping” between Layla and Natalya that needs to be seen to be believed…possibly may be edited out for television.

– Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi kingston & Jack Swagger to retain the wwe intercontinental title. Several attempted finishes by both swagger and kofi. In the end/after kofi hit his kick on swagger, dolph rolled kofi for the three.

– Rey Mysterio vs . Albero Del Rio, plus Kane vs. The rated-r superstar” Edge in a last man standing match for the world heavyweight championship: both headline the January 7th edition of Smackdown.

— Total crowd attendance approximately 7000-8000, minus 200 section rafters being roped off, as well ad tv side being blocked off, a packed house.

Post tapings, Rey Mysterio, The Big Show, and Edge all laid out Dolph Ziggler, after his & Vickie Guerrero’s attempts at a post-holiday rendition of “jingle bells.”