Alfonso Castillo of is featuring an article about how many wrestling fans are still stranded 16 hours later after WWE’s live event at Madison Square Garden last night due to a huge snowstorm that pounded the area. All Long Island Rail Road service was suspended last night due to the weather forcing many fans to be stranded.

“I was among the fans who bought tickets to the show, but I chose to just eat the $100 I spent on them rather than risk getting stuck in Penn Station. I made the right call.

But WWE and/or Madison Square Garden most certainly did not. Going ahead with last night’s show, despite the ample warning of a blizzard that threatened to knock out LIRR service seems short-sighted, irresponsible and even greedy.

Although I’m sure many fans would have been disappointed if the show was cancelled, WWE would have been wise to put the safety of its fans, and its workers, first by rescheduling the show – possibly until later this week when WWE returns to our area for an event in New Jersey. Alternatively, they could have run an afternoon/evening double shot in MSG during their next visit here.

WWE/MSG may have thought they did right by their fans by going ahead with the show, but I’d bet many fans still waiting in Penn Station for a ride home would beg to differ.”

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WWE fans still stranded near MSG amid storm