WWE Women’s Champion Layla issued a response on her official Twitter page to comments made by current TNA Knockouts and members of The Beautiful People TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and Velvet Sky on a recent episode of Reaction on Spike TV.

Love and Sky, who are now back together as The Beautiful People in TNA, stated on Reaction, “(Velvet Sky) We created a group that has been like no other for women in Professional Wrestling. People have tried to be like this. People wanted to join us. No can do. And for all you wannabe Beautiful People girls out there… you know exactly who I’m talking about, get a life. You will never be us. (Angelina Love) And you’re not cool by the way. You’re not cool.”

Layla’s response on Twitter was, “Living the dream & so blessed!! 1 thing I know when u r attacked u have 2 decide if it’s worth the time & effort to retaliate. Not worth the press. Plus don’t deserve the press we get even tho they want it & need it 🙂 Real talk.”

Source: PWInsider.com