8/27 WWE Results: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Results courtesy of Mike McMahon of TheSteelCage.net


WWE kicked off its annual “Tent Tour” on Friday with its annual trip to Hampton Beach – a venue that holds about 1,000 (maybe), max.

The boys head to South Shore and Cape Cod over the next few days before Raw comes to the TD Garden on Monday.

I’ve said it every time I go to a house show, but what a show! I enjoy house shows more than television tapings, to be honest. Guys get a lot of time to put on really good, solid matches. I head to quite a few events each year and Hampton Beach is always my favorite. There are no television timeouts and everyone gets a chance to just go out there and wrestle.

It almost brings you back in time, especially with the great Howard Finkel doing ring announcing.

Goldust def. Luke Gallows
A great opening contest between two big heavyweights. Goldust gets the win after some help from Hornswoggle, who hit the tadpole splash after the match.

Michael McGillicutty def. Kaval
A special NXT challenge match that saw McGillicutty get the win via pinfall over Kaval. A real solid match for these two rookies. Despite having little television time, the crowd was really into this match, starting a “Mr. Perfect” chant at one point for McGillicutty.

JTG def. Primo Colon
JTG was really over with the crowd – they popped big time for him. Again, another solid one-on-one match.

Submission Match
Jack Swagger def. Chris Masters
These two guys had one of the best matches of the night, I thought. Told a really good story and Swagger was good on the mic beforehand, berating the crowd and repeating over and over that he “was a bad man!” Masters kept trying for the Masterlock but couldn’t lock it in before Swagger hit a drop toe hold and turned it into an ankle lock for the win.

Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella def. Maryese, Jillian Hall, Rosa Mendes
The girls were allowed to wear much more revealing bathing suits than they did on Raw a few weeks back. No offense to the ladies, but it was a fairly typical Divas match. I will say this, I had a blast watching this match because it seemed like all six ladies were having fun – even the heels.

R-Truth def. Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes tried to institute a “no hitting to the face” rule, which brought me back to Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel at Summerslam ’92. R-Truth gets the win in the Raw vs. Smackdown match. A nice surprise for the fans to see Truth – they popped for his singing entrance.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Fatal Four Way Match
Dolph Ziggler [c] def. Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy & Drew McIntyre
I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this match. I thought with the smaller ring WWE has to use in these venues, a Fatal Four Way would be a jumbled mess. But these guys pulled it off. Most of the action was kept 1-on-1 in the ring, with one or two guys on the outside. After the match, Kingston and Hardy played up the crowd after chasing off the heels to send the crowd home happy.

A funny note – the DJ kept playing what sounded like Primo’s music for Kingston. He finally got it right at the end as the guys were exiting.

All four guys in the ring were getting a kick out of it, including Ziggler and McIntyre, who we’re so used to seeing serious (especially McIntyre). Again, like the Divas match, you could tell that these four guys were having a blast, and it made it just a fun match to watch.