Credit: The Hell Demon and GERWECK.NET

Dark match:

Lucky Cannon & Percy Watson beat Husky Harris & Eli Cottonwood (Percy is super over)


Interview with Rookies & Pros, Rhodes challenges MVP later

Kaval wins funny Stryker Quiz segment w/ the final 3

Dashing Cody Rhodes over MVP with the crossroads, lots of near falls.


Dudebusters beat Hawkins & Archer, nice tornado DDT counter finish in this.

Drew McIntyre over Tits Mcgee…ummm….Chris Masters, solid match.


Opens hot with Kane over Mysterio in a no DQ match. After the match Alberto Del RRRRRRRRrrrrio comes out and smashes Mysterio to pieces

CM Punk squashes JTG and finishes with the returning Anaconda Vice(love that move) 🙂

Kofi beats Zig via countout Ziggler retains his title, Kofi chases Dolph out of the Arena

Dashing Cody Rhodes teaches you how to shave your legs segment….lol

Big Show w/ Kelly Kelly in his corner defeats Luke Gallows w/ Serena

Backstage Hornswoggle hides in a plant and talks to playa playa Teddy Long

Alberto Del Rio comes out in a clean Rolls Royce w/ awesome golden shower pyro beats local jobber Curtis Something via twisting armbar submission

Jack Swagger beats MVP after MVP is disqualified for punching in a Swagger challenge all wrestling match, Swagger beats MVP up after and slaps on the ankle lock. They had to redo the ankle lock segement for MVP reactions.

Taker cuts huge comeback promo on Kane to end Smackdown

Dark match:

Kane retains World Heavyweight Championship in a cage match against Swagger and Big Show in for injured Rey

Taker comes out after, cleans house and Tombstones Swagger as Kane runs away.

Match of the night is easily Drew/Masters on Superstars

New NXT announcer Jamie Keyes is shredded irl

Biggest Pop: Return of Taker

Biggest Heat: Del Rio after injuring Rey (This guy is a main eventer)