WWE United States Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz is on his way out to the arena. Miz gets on the mic and said the big question tonight is if he should join Team WWE or not. He asks the fans if he should join Team WWE. Gets a mixed reaction. Miz said he could care less what the people think because the opinion in the locker room is that he is the missing puzzle piece that will lead Team WWE to victory. He mentions how he keeps being asked by Team WWE to join them including on Raw. Miz said what you didn’t see was earlier today when he arrived at Staples Center, John Cena got on his knees and begged Miz to join Team WWE. He said Cena said The Miz was the only person who could “see him”, Bret Hart said Miz was the real excellence of execution, Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD and he threw it in teh trash, John Morrison said he was the Jannetty of their former tag team and he was the Shawn Michaels, but only better, Edge gave him some Slim Jims and R-Truth wrote him a crappy rap song. Miz said everyone on Team WWE wants him to join, except for the WWE Universe. He said the WWE Universe needs to realize he is the fastest rising superstar in the company today. Miz said it is time to get to the big decision. He said his decision is more important than the Pepsi Challenge or Lebron James announcing he was going to Miami, which would lead to the Lakers losing the NBA Championship. Miz said his answer is…yes. He said he will join Team WWE and lead them to victory and the WWE Universe will finally realize what he has been saying, that he is The Miz and he, is…Miz cuts off the crowd. He said they can’t say his catchphrase and have to raise their hand if they have something to say. Miz finishes his catchphrase.

A video package runs hyping Sheamus vs. Randy Orton.

* Sheamus defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton is up next.