8/4 WWE Results: Perth, Australia

Glen Varis sent this report in:

Welcome to the home of the worlds worst hotdog – Bursoowd dome in Perth Western Australia for WWE`s Smackdown! house show:

Hart dynasty(W/Nattie) Defeated Luke Gallows and joseph (Thats how it was announced)Mercury. Usual close calls and kick outs the finish was unique – Kidd gave Mercury the hart attack while he drop kicked an oncoming Gallows and then pinned `Joseph`

Layla takes on Kelly Kelly – Layla with a weird neckbreaker Sadly it does`nt bring back memories of the first ladies match i saw – Moolah vs Velvet McIntyre…

Alberto Del R[o vs Chavo Guerreo: Welcome to bizzarro world Chavo is over imensley in this match as Del Rio seems confused and starts playing the heel while Chavo embrace the fans, possibly because of Chavo being in every event we`ve had maybe Perth has `adopted him – Either way its Del Rio by submission with an arm breaker.

`Dashing`Cody Rhodes and Christian vs MVP and Matt Hardy:

Cody comes out followed by Christian. MVP gets a
huge reaction (To go along with his REALLY bizarre hair do) followed by probably the biggest reaction of the night for Matt Hardy. Cody prattles on about his teeth costing $20,000 and tried to get every one to agree to no face shots. Usual back and forth until Christian has enough of Codys showboating and costs Cody the match after a Matt twist of fate.


Were back with Dolph Ziggler the I.C. champ vs Kofi Kingston. Ziggler has a chat to the fans about being a champ. Standard stuff with Ziggler retaining possibly holding the ropes.

Big show Vs Drew McIntyre. Drew does a 10 minute promo about how Australia is full of people evolved from convicts. Asks Big show to lay down for him because were arent worth performing for, show laughs Drew suggests he will show Show`s wife a `real man`
Bell – Right hook – Pin. No wrestling clinic here tonight.

Main event Jack Swagger vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane for the World title. Swagger spends first few minutes outside until Kane goes for a pin. Then its a match full of `almost connecting` 619`s a few close choke slams and ankle locks. Kane wins with the Choke slam on Rey (I think, People kindly standing on their chairs so i missed who was pinned but i`m sure it was Rey)

Some results as far as who was pinned are not 100% as people seemed to be standing on their seats a lot and we were in the very back row of `Ringside` (Row Z) But im pretty sure i am right

Not a bad night, Arena half full, No Vicki, No C.M. Pumk, No Teddy Long even. Between almost every match Ring announcer Tony Chimmel was trying to sell us something or promote some show on TV. Interesting thing before we got in was a lady that gave us a `TNA Wrestling – Ultimate DVD sampler` Wow TNA is really stretching out. Good show over all.

Glen Varis

Perth W.A.