Mick Foley came out on Raw and introduced a new WWE 24/7 championship belt.

Titus O’Neil became the first person to win the new championship after grabbing the belt which was left in the middle of the ring. Robert Roode would go on to pin him to become the new champion. Here’s how it happened:

It’s an ugly looking championship belt that has a big 24/7 logo on it and a green belt. The crowd boos. Foley says the falls can take place anywhere, even out of the ring. The third hour of RAW every week will have a title match open to anyone from any roster. Now they’ll have a championship scramble. Whoever grabs the championship is the inaugural champion.

A bunch of RAW jobbers run down the ramp tackling each other. No one can get in the ring. Eventually Titus O’Neil grabs it to become the inaugural champion. O’Neil celebrates on the ramp before being rolled up by Robert Roode. Roode is now the 24/7 Champion. Roode runs off without the title.

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