WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns invited Dean Ambrose to the ring to say goodbye to him after RAW went off the air in Brooklyn, NY.

Last night’s RAW had what was advertised as Dean Ambrose’s last match in WWE before he leaves the company. That match never started as he brawled with Bobby Lashley before being slammed through the commentary table. Ambrose gave a speech thanking Rollins and Reigns before ultimately thanking the fans. It concluded with them doing The Shield fist bump in the ring.

“A building is just a building. It’s just brick and mortar, wood and nails. What makes the building is the fans, and there are no fans in the world like you. The fans who come from all over the world to be here all of WrestleMania. To come to Axxess, to come to all the different shows, to sit through 3 freakin’ hours of Monday Night RAW and sit here and be here tonight listening to us. So, without you, there isn’t any us. Screw this building. The important thing is the people who fill it, and that’s you so we want to thank you once again.”