John Cena

John Cena returned to WrestleMania under his old Thuganomics gimmick and theme song. He interrupted an Elias segment, cut a promo and then took him down.

Here is an excerpt from Adam Martin’s live WrestleMania recap:

John Cena (with his old “Thuganomics” theme playing) walks out. He said Elias got a raw deal because he’s standing in a ring as John Cena is about to turn heel. Cena refers to WWE as “Wasted Wrestling Experience” instead of “Walk With Elias.” Elias is not happy. Cena says Elias won’t get an AA, but he will get an FU. Cena hits Elias using the “Word Life” brass knucks he is wearing. Cena connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle and FU combo.