After America The Beautiful opened the show tonight at Metlife Stadium, host Alexa Bliss opened up WrestleMania 35. She said that she has all of us in the palm of her hand. She said that she can snap her fingers and have a WrestleMania moment.

She snapped her fingers and the “Real American” music hits and out comes Hulk Hogan. Hogan cuts a promo and mentions the Silverdome as a joke, then actually says Metlife Center instead of Stadium.

After the promo:

Paul Heyman walks out and grabs a mic. He said if his client isn’t on last tonight, they aren’t hanging out around to wait and they are getting their business done. Heyman said his client will get on a jet to Las Vegas where his client is “ultimately appreciated.” He said we are going to do this Universal Championship match right here, right now.

Brock Lesnar came out, followed by Seth Rollins. Brock didn’t give a chance for Rollins to enter the ring and attacked him immediately. The bell never rang and Brock Lesnar did a number on Rollins. Referee finally calls for the bell. The match is underway.

Tune if to Adam Martin’s Live WrestleMania 35 recap!