WWE has posted a clip of Triple H taking part in an interview with ESPN where he was asked about Chyna being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Triple H credited Chyna for being very important to what we see today with the presentation of women’s wrestling, including a women’s match headlining WrestleMania.

“Chyna’s role, even when her role as my bodyguard was first being brought up to Vince, you know, it was heavily resisted. ‘No one is going to believe in that. No one is going to buy that.’ Shawn (Michaels) and I had to push really hard to get that done. Then her impact was undeniable. Her presence, her charisma, the things that she did it and the fact that the guys, she was over…that they were willing to do it for her and with her to get the character where it needed to be. She was massive to the women’s evolution. She was massive to DX and my career and all of it.”

Triple H also didn’t rule out her going into the Hall of Fame on her own in the future.