Chris Van Vliet passed along the following.

I just uploaded the interview I did with The Headbangers yesterday at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling in Dania Beach, FL.

They talk about how they thought getting called to return to Smackdown was a joke, their thoughts on the current landscape of tag team wrestling, why they don’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame, All Elite Wrestling and Mosh’s Beaver Cleavage gimmick.

They originally thought getting the call to return to SmackDown in 2016 was a joke:

Mosh: “I actually got a text from Road Dogg and I thought it was a joke. So the text came from him and I actually called him back and I was like ‘Brian?’ I needed to confirm it was him and it was him, it was Road Dogg. It was supposed to be the week before in Connecticut but since we aren’t full time, we needed to get blood work done and there wasn’t enough time to get the blood work done. He said ‘We can’t do it now, so we’re going to try for next week. We can keep the storyline open I hope.’ And I just went ‘Well thanks for thinking of us, because it’s probably not going to happen.’ Then literally the next Friday, the Friday before we were on, he called me and said ‘Nope, we’re on. Travel will be contacting you in the next 10 minutes and we will see you guys Tuesday night in Dallas.'”

They don’t think they deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame:

Mosh: “No, I honestly don’t think we should. We had a great run, yeah we were there for a long time and we had two title reigns one as WWF tag champs and one as NWA world tag champs but we didn’t do that much. There are other teams out there who I think are more deserving than we are at this point.”

Why we don’t see many tag teams who form young and work their way up through the independent circuit together:

Mosh: “Because that’s what Vince wants. What happens at the top trickles down so everybody knows on the independent scene that WWE just takes two guys and throws them together so why try to do what we did and start a tag team young and build it all the way up into something, because eventually they’re just going to take two guys and put them together anyway. It just kind of is the nature of how the business is now.”

On a women’s match being the main event at WrestleMania 35:

Thrasher: “I think that’s awesome and I think they will have a 5-star match. I think it will be everything that it’s built up to be and then some because I don’t think Becky Lynch would let it be anything less. She’s probably the new biggest thing. She’s awesome.”

Their thoughts on AEW:

Mosh: “Competition is good and if there’s somewhere for everyone to go and work then that’s awesome. It’s actually kind of tremendous.

Thrasher: The more, the merrier.

Mosh: It’s the same guys who ran that big show in Chicago. They sold that place out. That’s the great thing about the Internet now is all of these other guys. I often think what we would have done with the Internet back then besides end up in jail. The Internet and YouTube is keeping everyone alive, it’s getting everyone more noticed without having to go to WWE. For us, we had to go to WWE to make money and to do something, they don’t have to do that anymore. So I think it’s awesome that there’s this other opportunity.”
Thrasher: I think the nucleus of AEW is pronominal. Look at Cody Rhodes background and look at The Young Bucks background. They’re going to be successful. Why do you like Pepsi? Because you don’t like Coke. So why do you like AEW? Because you don’t like WWE.”