Tonight at WWE Fastlane, Kofi Kingston was informed that the McMahon Family wanted to speak with him and he was told to wait backstage.

Big E and Xavier Woods would check on Kingston backstage, who was still waiting. Big E and Woods decided to barge into Vince McMahon’s office and pitch Vince on the idea of adding Kofi to the WWE Championship match later tonight.

McMahon ended up agreeing with the idea.

Excerpt courtesy of Adam Martin’s live Fastlane recap:

McMahon is on the phone and says he’s been waiting the whole time for Kofi. Woods tells Vince he’s a box office star in front of him the whole time in Kofi. Big E thinks Vince should make the WWE Championship match tonight a triple threat. Vince decides to listen to the advice and make the match a triple threat. He adds Big E and Woods are barred from ringside.

However, McMahon wasn’t done. Despite Kofi heading to the ring under the impression that the WWE Championship match was up next, the announcer informed the audience that match would take place later tonight and another match was up now.

The Bar ended up defeating Kofi Kingston easily in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

So, Kofi will not be getting a shot at the WWE Championship after all.