Samoa Joe is the new United States Champion

During tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live, R-Truth once again issued an Open Challenge with the WWE United States Championship on the line.

Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio and Andrade all accepted that challenge, making the match a fatal four way on Tuesday night.

Joe ended up pinning Andrade to become the new champion.

Excerpt courtesy of Roy Nemer’s live Smackdown recap:

“Mysterio slides under the ropes onto R-Truth. Andrade goes to the outside and a power bomb onto Mysterio. Vega with a hurricanrana onto R-Truth. Carmella with a super kick on Vega. With Mysterio in the ring, Andrade goes for the power bomb but Mysterio reverses it into a piledriver. Mysterio lands the 619. Mysterio with a frog splash. Joe with a senton on Mysterio. Joe lifts Andrade up and delivers a modified Rock Bottom. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.”