WWE Studios

Mike Johnson at PWInsider is reporting that WWE Studios is partnering with Netflix to develop new family-friendly films to air on the streaming service.

Also according to the report, John Cena is referenced in the film and has a cameo role late in the current version of the script.  In addition, the current version of the screenplay also features small roles for The Miz and Bray Wyatt with several references of the NXT brand.

The film which is at the start of the casting and crew staffing process is expected to start filming this summer.  There is no word yet on where the filming location will take place. 

The screenplay for “The Main Event” was written by Larry Postel, who has another film, “Flip Turn” which is currently filming.

Below is a short plot synopsis of the film:

“The Main Event” tells the story of a ten-year old boy who is bullied but dreams of growing up to become a WWE professional wrestler.  However, he gets to live his dream earlier when he discovers the secret to having super-strength in his breakfast cereal, becoming “The Spaghetti Kid.”