EC3 defeated Dean Ambrose on his RAW debut. The ending of the match saw Ambrose going for a powerbomb, but EC3 counters and rolled up Ambrose for the pinfall.

How did the match happen?

EC3 was guest on Alexa Bliss’ “A Moment of Bliss.” Nia Jax and Tamina interrupt. Dean Ambrose then interrupts, says a few words to Nia Jax then confronts EC3. He made fun of EC3 and asked him what it stood for and where were EC1 and 2? EC3 had enough and punched Ambrose, setting up their match.

Paige plugs “Fighting with my Family.”

Paige made a quick appearance on RAW, where she plugged the upcoming movie “Fighting With My Family” based on her life and WWE career.