WWE Worlds Collide Tournament Results courtesy of WWE.com.

Velveteen Dream prevails in first-ever WWE Worlds Collide Tournament

When the worlds of NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live collided and the dust settled, it was NXT’s Velveteen Dream left standing tall, with a future championship opportunity to his name.

Dream defeated Tyler Bate in the final match of the first-ever WWE Worlds Collide Tournament and, as a result, earned a guaranteed chance at an NXT, NXT UK or 205 Live championship match of his choice. The action-packed duel — which was received by chants of “This is awesome” and “Fight forever” — topped off an incredible 15-Superstar competition featuring the crème de la crème from all three WWE brands.

Full tournament results are below:

Jordan Devlin (NXT UK) won a 15-Superstar Battle Royal involving all tournament competitors to earn a First-Round bye

With a well-timed dropkick, the opportunistic Irish Ace eliminated Velveteen Dream immediately after Dream tossed Tony Nese, earning automatic passage to the Quarterfinals. The order of elimination in the Battle Royal also determined the seeding for the First-Round Matches.

First-Round Matches

Drew Gulak (205 Live) def. Mark Andrews (NXT UK)

In a breathtaking display of technical grappling, The Philadelphia Stretcher avoided Andrews’ attempt at a leaping strike and trapped The Welsh Superstar in an airtight roll-up for the win.

Keith Lee (NXT) def. Travis Banks (NXT UK)

Overcoming a slew of strikes by The Kiwi Buzzsaw, who was hampered by a pre-existing knee injury, NXT’s Limitless Superstar claimed the three-count after crushing Banks with the Supernova.

Adam Cole (NXT) def. Shane Thorne (NXT)

Thorne fanatically targeted Cole’s arm in a grueling battle but was undone by Cole’s devastating Last Shot.

Dominik Dijakovic (NXT) def. TJP (205 Live)

Dijakovic’s incredible strength proved too much for the lightning-fast TJP, as Dijakovic’s Feast Your Eyes knee strike ended the Fil-Am Flash’s night.

Tyler Bate (NXT UK) def. Cedric Alexander (205 Live)

Bate and Alexander’s back-and-forth duel came down to a scintillating exchange that culminated with Bate landing the Tyler Driver ’97.

Velveteen Dream (NXT) def. Tony Nese (205 Live)

In a hard-hitting collision, Velveteen Dream downed Nese after shoving The Premiere Athlete off the top turnbuckle and drilling him with the Purple Rainmaker.

Humberto Carrillo (205 Live) def. Zack Gibson (NXT UK)

The NXT UK Tag Team Champion came close to ending the match at various points but wound up stunned and pinned after being hit by Carrillo’s eye-popping handstand Arabian press.

Quarterfinal Matches

Adam Cole (NXT) def. Keith Lee (NXT)

Lee nearly made The Panama City Playboy bask in his glory, but a late-game eye rake by Cole opened the door for a cavalcade of kicks followed by a match-ending Last Shot.

Tyler Bate (NXT UK) def. Dominik Dijakovic (NXT)

After absorbing a brutal onslaught by Dijakovic, Bate broke free of the big man’s grip and put him away with a herculean Tyler Driver ’97.

Velveteen Dream (NXT) def. Humberto Carrillo (205 Live)

The fast-rising Carrillo soared high and Velveteen Dream talked plenty of trash, but when the smoke cleared, a Dream Valley Driver ensured victory over 205 Live’s newest Cruiserweight. Dream hurt his ribs in the match after missing a high-risk move and landing hard on the steel barricade.

Jordan Devlin (NXT UK) def. Drew Gulak (205 Live)

Devlin and Gulak clobbered, battered, abused and bruised each other, but it was an Ireland’s Call by Devlin that resulted in a three-count.

Semifinal Matches

Tyler Bate (NXT UK) def. Adam Cole (NXT)

With both Superstars pushed to the brink of exhaustion, Bate managed to kick out of Cole’s Last Shot and come back with Bop & Bang, a rebound clothesline and a Tyler Driver ’97 to claim his spot in the Final.

Velveteen Dream (NXT) def. Jordan Devlin (NXT UK)

With Dream sporting a heavily bandaged ribcage, Devlin had a bull’s-eye to target. Yet, even The Irish Ace’s destructive and deliberate attack couldn’t stop Dream from connecting with the Purple Rainmaker.

Tournament Final

Velveteen Dream (NXT) def. Tyler Bate (NXT UK)

The sports-entertainment prodigies entered a new instant-classic into the annals of WWE history. Bate demonstrated “Big Boi” strength and a veteran’s smarts as he went after Dream’s injured ribs, but the Velveteen Dream Experience could not be contained. Bate’s attempt at a top-rope Tyler Driver ’97 was countered with a sky-high backdrop, and the Purple Rainmaker ushered in the tournament victory for Velveteen Dream.