Bruce Prichard shares Jim Cornette/Jake Roberts story

On the latest “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” episode on the WWE Network, Prichard shares a story involving Jim Cornette, George “The Animal” Steele and Jake “The Snake” Roberts involving Cornette escaping handcuffs and the snake.

You can check out the clip above courtesy of WWE.

Zack Ryder and Greatest Royal Rumble

As reported on yesterday, WWE star Zack Ryder revealed he would not need to undergo surgery after suffering an injury to his knee at the RAW taping this week in St. Louis.

Ryder noted the injury was simply a MCL/ACL/calf muscle strain and nothing is torn, something he discovered flying back home to Orlando to get it checked out.

The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online reports Ryder will not be flying out to Saudi Arabia to take part in tomorrow’s Greatest Royal Rumble event as a result. While not officially announced, he was expected to take part in the 50-Man Rumble.