Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler talks recovery following stroke last month

WMC Action News 5 is featuring an interview with Jerry Lawler where he talks about the stroke he suffered last month just a few weeks before WrestleMania 34.

Lawler went into detail about his fiancée Lauryn first noticing the symptoms.

“The right side of my mouth was drooped all the way down and I turned to talk and I couldn’t say anything.  Lauryn screamed, ‘oh my, God, you’re having a stroke’. I couldn’t talk. They would come and ask me questions, like who’s the president?  Of course, I knew the answer, but I couldn’t say it.”

As reported earlier this week, Lawler revealed the news about the stroke on his podcast and how the only other people that knew were WWE’s Kevin Dunn and Triple H.

He admitted to Action News 5 that he is very lucky.

“I realize I was really lucky. I’ve always felt blessed. I feel like it didn’t even happen. I don’t feel any different.  My speech and my memory are fine.  So yeah, I’m blessed.” also recapped Lawler’s comments about the situation on his podcast.

“It was a pretty scary situation. When they got me back from the CAT scan, they informed me, too, that where the blood was bleeding out was on the cognitive part of my brain, which controls your speech and part of your memory, so at this time, I really couldn’t say anything.”

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