During tonight’s RAW, Kurt Angle was backstage talking on his phone, and Braun Strowman showed up. Kurt Angle congratulated him, then Nicholas appears on the screen to a huge ovation. Braun ends up relinquishing the RAW tag team titles. Here is an excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s RAW recap:

Strowman says it pains him to say it, but they’re relinquishing the RAW Tag Team Championships. Nicholas has a scheduling conflict… he’s still in the fourth grade. Strowman says when Nicholas is out of school, they’re coming back for the titles. Nicholas says, “And somebody is going to get these hands!” That got a huge ovation.

Tag Team Eliminator

Kurt Angle is seen watching backstage when The Bar walks in. They heard Braun Strowman relinquished the RAW Tag Team Championships. Sheamus asks if Angle will just give them back the titles. Angle says they lost to a 10 year old. Angle says they’ll have a rematch in Saudi Arabia. There will be two tag matches tonight with the winners facing each other next week. The winners will face The Bar at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.