Clip from new movie about Paige’s life

During last night’s Class of 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, Paige introduced a clip from the new movie “Fighting with My Family” that focuses on her career as a wrestler that eventually led her to signing a contract with the WWE.

The clip features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who’s production company was part of the upcoming movie that will be released later this year.

WWE filmed footage for the new movie in February of 2017 after a RAW taping in Los Angeles. Footage hit Twitter of The Rock leaving CM Punk a voicemail that same night.

You can check out the clip from the movie below courtesy of WWE.

Bruce Prichard talks podcast on WWE Network

As reported on earlier, WWE has announced lots of new content coming to the WWE Network in 2018 including Bruce Prichard presenting “Something Else to Wrestle With”, a video presentation/extension of his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast.

You can check out Prichard’s comments below about the new project.