WWE Network

During the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony that aired on Friday night on WWE Network, a video was played of all the new content that would be coming to the WWE Network later this year, including the following:

* WWE 24 specials on The Hardy Boyz, Ronda Rousey and the RAW 25th Anniversary

* Season 3 of The Edge and Christian Show

* Season 2 of the Camp WWE animated series

* Season 4 of WWE Ride Along

* New episodes of Table for 3 (One shown was Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Shane McMahon)

* Season 2 of the WWE Storytime animated short series

* WWE 365 on AJ Styles

* The second annual Mae Young Classic

* WWE UK King of the Ring tournament special

* Elias: Unplugged music special

* The Something to Wrestle With Podcast, by former WWE writer/manager Bruce Prichard, is coming as “Something Else to Wrestle With”

* The “Greatest Royal Rumble” live special from Saudi Arabia on April 27th

WWE will be releasing their latest subscriber numbers for WWE Network on Monday.