Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan will be attending a premiere party tonight for the new HBO documentary about Andre the Giant and WWE was quick to distances themselves publicly from Hogan.

While Hogan was invited by HBO to attend, WWE is making it very clear that he is not affiliated with the company and that the function was created by HBO.

“Hulk Hogan is an important part of Andre the Giant’s history, however his appearance at tonight’s HBO premiere of the documentary and his plans to help others learn from his mistakes does not mean WWE is rehiring him. Hogan is not scheduled to be at any upcoming WWE events.”

WWE admitted to having recent conversations with Hogan last week, issuing a statement indicating he could be working with contracted talent in the future about mistakes he made.

Apparently, the statement was misinterpreted by some with people believing that a Hogan return to the company could be imminent.

Triple H continued to echo the same sentiments in an interview with ESPN.

“I think he’s trying to take steps to show the world that you can make mistakes and you can learn from them. And you can help others learn from the mistakes that you have made. If that’s what he’s willing to do, and that’s what he’s doing — that we’re willing to help him do. Certainly we’re by no means back in business with him, but if that is the path that he wants to take, then we applaud that.”

The HBO documentary about Andre the Giant will premiere on April 10.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online