Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio talks about a possible return to WWE

Rey Mysterio was a guest on the latest “Below the Belt” with Brendan Schaub.

Mysterio talks in detail about his recent biceps tear injury, making a return to WWE at the Royal Rumble PPV, his new partnership with Roots of Fight and the history behind his lucha mask and the different versions he’s worn in the past.

You can check out the full interview below (beginning at 21:22 mark).

Bully Ray says CZW is not the new ECW

The Wrap is featuring an interview with Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) talking about his involvement with Ring of Honor in the last year.

Ray contends ROH is the new ECW and that CZW never took that title.

“CZW does not carry the torch of ECW at all. ECW was not about violence — it was about passion and it was about a mindset. ECW was truly a rebellious movement, giving our middle finger to the rest of the wrestling business, telling people that we were gonna do it our way. And we did it our way so much that we revolutionized the entire business.

ECW was the Napster of pro wrestling. Napster went bankrupt and failed as a business, but it revolutionized the way we listen to music. ECW went bankrupt and failed as a wrestling company, but it changed the landscape of wrestling forever. Without ECW, you would never have the [WWE] Attitude Era.”