WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results 2/27/18
WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
February 27, 2018
Los Angeles, California
Commentary: Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix

Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

It’s time for the quarterfinals of the Mixed Match Challenge.

Mixed Match Challenge Quarterfinals Match
Sasha Banks and Finn Balor vs. Asuka and The Miz

It’ll be The Miz starting out against Finn Balor. The Miz admonishes the crowd and puts his hand up. Miz doesn’t want any help with his catchphrase. Balor quickly attacks and rolls him up for a quick one count. The crowd wants him to tag in Asuka, but he declines. Miz says he’s got this. Miz kicks away at Balor and punches him down before hitting the ropes for a running boot to the head. Miz covers for a two count. Asuka is rooting Miz on from the apron. Miz punches Balor into the ropes and sends him int othe ropes, but Balor comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Miz quickly punches him down and signals to Asuka that he’s ok. Miz chops the chest and goes for a sunset flip, but Balor rolls through and dropkicks him for a two count. Asuka gets in the ring and yells at Miz for not tagging her in. Miz begs her off.

Balor hits a pair of arm drags before applying an arm bar. Miz quickly gets out and big boots him down. Sasha Banks talks trash to Miz. Miz simply mocks her pose. Balor ducks a kick from Miz and rolls him up for a two count. Miz quickly gets away and looks at Asuka. Asuka then blind tags in. Sasha Banks must come in. Asuka applies a side headlock and shoulder blocks her down. Banks comes back with a hip toss and slaps her in the face before mocking Asuka’s dance. Asuka slaps her in the face and connects with a strike combination. Asuka connects with a hip attack before hitting a second one into the corner. Asuka hits a snapmare and kicks her in the spine. Asuka then starts doing the “IT” Kicks (YES Kicks). Banks blocks a kick and takes her down. Banks sends her to the corner, but Asuka scales the ropes and hits a missile dropkick. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but Banks powers her to the corner. Banks then lays her out across the second turnbuckle and hits a double knee strike for a near fall. Banks punches away at her before hitting a suplex for a two count. Banks applies a straightjacket submission. Asuka fights out, but Banks connects with double knees. Banks kicks away at Asuka’s chest and mocks the YES chant. Asuka gets out and viciously knees her in the face. The Miz looks stunned.

Miz and Balor are tagged in. Balor attacks and takes him down for a double stomp. Balor chops the chest and sends him across the ring for another chop. Miz reverses a whip to the corner, but Balor slingshots over him. Miz boots him back and goes to the top rope, but Balor kicks him in the head. Balor connects with a modified reverse DDT, but Asuka breaks up the pin. Banks gets Asuka out of the ring and connects with double knees off the apron. Balor then kicks Miz in the face from the apron. Balor gets him in the ring, but Miz comes back with a Skull Crushing Finale attempt. Balor counters with a roll-up, but Miz kicks out. Miz then hits a Skull Crushing Finale, but Banks breaks it up. The Miz argues with the referee over the count. Balor lays him out with a Sling Blade and dropkicks him into the corner. Balor goes to the top rope and hits Coup de Grace, but Asuka just barely breaks it up! Banks hits Asuka with a Bank Statement while Balor applies a crossface to Miz. Asuka rolls out and applies an Asuka Lock. Banks taps out, but she’s not the legal opponent. Balor is distracted by the tap out, and Miz rolls him up with a handful of tights for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Asuka and The Miz

Next week on the quarterfinal of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, it’ll be Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss taking on Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

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