Mixed Match Challenge Results

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results 1/30/18
WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
January 30, 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentary: Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix

Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch are out first to kick off the show.

Braun Strowman and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss are out next.

Beth Phoenix, Michael Cole and Corey Graves are at ringside. Cole congratulates Phoenix for taking part in the women’s Royal Rumble match this past Sunday.

69% of fans voted Becky Lynch to start the match first tonight on Facebook.

Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch vs. Braun Strowman and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

We begin with Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. Becky goes for a submission takedown early on Bliss. Bliss with a snapmare takedown and various pinfall attempts early on Lynch. Becky is now going for early pinfall attempts including a backslide. Becky locks her legs around the body of Bliss and rolls her around the ring. Strowman yells at Bliss to let him handle this. Bliss says she knows what she is doing. Becky with arm drags and a dropkick to Bliss.

Bliss walks over and tags in Braun Strowman. Sami Zayn is not happy.

Zayn teases some jabs and then bails. Strowman chases down Zayn. Zayn quickly tags in Becky to end the offense for now. Zayn runs up and attacks Strowman. Strowman launches Zayn across the ring. Becky is tagged back in and kicks Bliss in the mid section. Bliss kicks Becky in the face after Becky bounces off the second rope. Bliss keeps Becky grounded with a headlock. Becky is fighting to her feet.

Backstage, we see Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode watching the show backstage.

Back live, Bliss rakes the eyes of Becky across the middle rope. Zayn is taunting Strowman from the other side of the ring. Zayn is singing “Happy Birthday” to Becky and encouraging the crowd to join. Strowman is yelling at Bliss for a tag. Zayn is trying to avoid tagging himself in. Becky tags in Zayn. Here comes Strowman. Storwman launches Zayn over the top rope inside the ring. Strowman splashes Zayn in both corners. Strowman charges and Zayn pulls down the top rope. Zayn with a dropkick through the ropes to Strowman. Zayn launches himself over the top rope, but Strowman catches him and drops him face first off the ring apron. Bliss drives Becky face first into the steel ring post at ringside. Zayn tries to bail over the barricade. Strowman grabs him, presses him over his head and then back into the crowd. Strowman stumbles getting back in and tags in Bliss. Becky is down near the corner. Bliss stands on the shoulders of Braun and connects with Twisted Bliss for the win!

Winners: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss

Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Goldust and Mandy Rose is plugged for next week.

After the match, Renee Young interviews the winners Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman. Bliss said they got the win because of her strategy. Strowman called this a team effort and says Bliss is pretty cute. Bliss thinks Strowman is pretty cute as well, comparing him to a Mack Truck. She adds they are “going all the way.” A loud “YES” chant starts up. Bliss adds all the way to a victory in the Mixed Match Challenge.

The show closes with Bliss and Strowman celebrating.

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  1. They had to make Bliss look weaker than I would have liked just to balance the match. Noted 62k max viewers that I saw, down from 100k on week 2 with Asuka and 150k on the opening night. Not got big hopes for the Uso couple vs jobbers next week.

  2. Smackdown rosters are losing the mixed match challenge since it starts. what is the point to make the Blue brand a live show if you only care about Raw?

  3. Still better than Smackdown always looking so weak compared to RAW and I’m sure the talent on Smackdown would be okay with 50–50 booking if they got to win every now and then.

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