Wrestleview Live #24: Bound for Glory Review

Wrestleview Live returned with Podcast #24 on Sunday night (November 5, 2017) with hosts Adam Martin and special guest the Trey Dawg to review Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory PPV broadcasting live from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Podcast Summary:

2:00 – Adam attempts to recap the saga of Impact to GFW and back to Impact
13:00 – Adam and Trey discuss how the pacing of the show was really bad in Ottawa
20:00 – Discussion on Alberto El Patron making his return to the company
38:00 – Roy Nemer joins the show to talk about attending live on Sunday night
56:00 – Plus, discussion on Chris Jericho facing Kenny Omega this January

An audio version of the podcast is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t waste time trying to find a stream of the show. I heard it wasn’t even available on their new “GWN” network, which I don’t understand.

  2. Actually no, the show was garbage. Very sloppy & amateurish in most of the matches. Alberto’s promo sucked, and his interference in the last match was just stupid. What a dumb way to end their biggest PPV of the year. Very sad to see what Bound For Glory has turned into. An average episode of TNA Impact from 2005-2009 is LOADS better than last night’s excuse of their “biggest” show of the year. I’m actually shocked that over 1000 people were in attendance for this.

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