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Wrestleview Live #21: WWE No Mercy Review

Wrestleview Live returned with Podcast #21 on Sunday night (September 24, 2017) with hosts Adam Martin and Doug Lackey to discuss the RAW brands No Mercy PPV.

Podcast Summary:

5:00 – Discussing the on-demand culture and how pro wrestling can compete with it
17:00 – Why the Lesnar vs. Strowman match was disappointing on Sunday night
24:00 – Doug on what the Roman Reigns character needs to continue to evolve
49:00 – Hot takes looking at the rest of the card including live listener feedback
1:03:00 – Plus, Doug talks Bobby Heenan and looking another Impact re-branding

You can check out both audio and video versions of the podcast below.




  1. With the way matches have been going, it may be refreshing to have some traditional Survivor Series matches in a couple months.

  2. It was a little one sided and not a whole lot of back and forth. Then all of a sudden Brock Lesnar hits the F5 and wins.

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