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Wrestleview Live #14: Extreme Rules 2017 Review

Wrestleview Live returned with Podcast #14 on Sunday night (June 4, 2017) with hosts Adam Martin and Doug Lackey to review WWE Extreme Rules 2017.

Podcast Summary:

5:00 – Discussion on just how bad the RAW product has been in recent months
13:00 – Thoughts on Samoa Joe and the Brock Lesnar match setup for July
23:00 – Why Neville and Austin Aries were able to put together a solid match
26:00 – Why the timing in the Steel Cage tag team match was very silly
50:00 – Plus, YouTube goes after wrestling and WWE’s television future in 2019

You can check out both audio and video versions of the podcast below.




  1. It was hit and miss but it ended on a BIG hit. Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar should be excellent and I hope they make some kind of callout to the Mark Hunt vs Brock Lesnar UFC Fight.

    The Cage match was terrible.

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