WrestleMania 33

Wrestleview Live #11: WrestleMania 33 Review

Wrestleview Live returned with Podcast #11 on Sunday night (April 2, 2017) with hosts Adam Martin and Doug Lackey to review WrestleMania 33 after a long night.

Podcast Summary:

6:00 – Details on the new “BUR DURN” shirts now on sale at wrestleview.com/shop
15:00 – Thoughts on Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns including Undertaker’s farewell
32:00 – Why Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles may have been the surprise of the night
40:00 – Discussion on Goldberg vs. Lesnar and why Adam loved the match
52:00 – Looking at The Hardy Boyz return and “hot takes” on the rest of the card

You can check out both audio and video versions of the podcast below.




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