Wrestleview Live #36: Greatest Royal Rumble Review

Wrestleview Live returned with Podcast #36 on Friday afternoon (April 27, 2018) with hosts Paul Nemer and Mike Tedesco to review WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia.

Podcast Summary:

2:00 – Paul and Mike on initial thoughts including yet another Roman Reigns loss
16:00 – Discussion on getting another AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura title match
26:00 – Thoughts on why Sami Zayn wasn’t involved with the show in Saudi Arabia
37:00 – Looking at The Undertaker’s return to the ring at the age of 53
43:00 – Plus, closing thoughts including the big 50-Man Royal Rumble match

An audio version of the podcast is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.