Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America
July 29, 2015
New York City (Terminal 5)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

IWGP Tag Team Champions (at the time this was taped) The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/”The First Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis vs. Jonathan Gresham & Corey Hollis

We see video from 3 weeks ago at the end of the 6-Man Tag where we saw problems between Adam Cole and the rest of the Kingdom. Code of Honor before the bell, but then the Kingdom with stereo superkicks as the bell sounds. Hollis & Gresham sent outside, Bennett with a Spear to Hollis on the apron, Taven sends Gresham into the barricade and chokes him with a ringside cable. Maria joins commentary and says that everything is just fine with the Kingdom. Gresham and Hollis sent into the barricade again. Bennett with a slam to Gresham outside, then gets into it with a fan in the front row. “Let’s go jobbers” chant by the crowd. Big right hand by Bennett to Gresham. Back in, Taven gets 2. Commentary brings up Gresham’s international experience as he tries to fight back, but Taven cuts him off. Gresham fighrs out of the Kingdom corner, Taven accidentally enziguris Bennett. Gresham slips out of a double team, goes under Bennett’s legs, Hollis tags in. Springboard dropkick takes out the Kingdom. Running forearms to Kingdom in opposite corners, Taven catches him with a superkick, then Bennett with a Spear, Gresham breaks up the pin. Big right hand by Bennett, step-up enziguri by Gresham, followed by a Snap German. Taven nails Gresham with a Springboard Roundhouse. Double superkick by Kingdom to Hollis.

HAIL MARY!!! 1-2-3!

Winners: The Kingdom by pinfall (The Hail Mary)

Kingdom & Maria celebrate their win afterwards as we go to commercial.


Six-Man Mayhem: Caprice Coleman vs. “Brutal” Bob Evans vs. “The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. Cheeseburger vs. MOOSE w/Stokely Hathaway vs. “The Peacock” Dalton Castle w/The Boys

First pinfall wins, Lucha Tag rules apply. Prince Nana joins commentary for this match. Crowd chants for Castle before the bell. Code of Honor adhered to, MOOSE & Castle start. Evans blind tags in on MOOSE. Cheeseburger wants in, Castle obliges. Evans quickly tags out to Silas. Knucklelock, Silas with the bad-mouth. Chain wrestling, multiple rolls by Cheeseburger, kick from underneath. Silas with a back rake, Cheeseburger sent outside. Silas trash talks Castle, O’Connor Roll, roll-up, wheelbarrow victory roll by Coleman for multiple 2 counts. Silas with a back rake, shoulder tackle, more bad-mouth, dropkick by Coleman for 2 as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as MOOSE with an avalanche to Silas. Silas with an eye rake, No-Hands Rana by Coleman, Evans knocks Coleman off the turnbuckles, Cheeseburger off the apron, MOOSE sent outside. Castle dropkicks Evans outside. Castle feigns diving, instead does the Peacock Walk. Rabbit Lariat by Silas from behind. Series of elbow drops, facebuster across knee, more bad-mouth. Crowd chants for Castle. Evans in, Castle fights back, side slam by Evans for a 1 count. Silas in, snap suplex for 2. Castle fights back again, counters the Finlay Roll. Silas blocks Sunset Flip, knocks the Boys off the apron. Greco-Roman Suplex to Silas, back body drop to Evans. MOOSE in, headbutts to chest of Evans and Silas. Corner clotheslines to both, Evans sent into Silas, both get an avalanche. Cheeseburger in, MOOSE gorrila presses him outside on Evans! Coleman in, Inside-Out Moonsault takes Evans! Silas stops a MOOSE dive, Corner Too Awesome Dropkick by MOOSE sends Silas outside! MOOSE with a head of steam, FLIP DIVE WIPES OUT EVERYONE!! Back in, Castle stops the Hit Stick with a knee strike, Silas stops the Deadlift German by Castle to MOOSE, hits the Killer Combo. Coleman with the Sky Splitter to Silas! Evans with the running shoulder tackle to Coleman. Shoten by Cheeseburger to Evans! Pop-Up Lariat by MOOSE to Cheeseburger! MOOSE catches Castle off a crossbody, DEADLIFT GERMAN BY CASTLE TO MOOSE!!! Evans avoids a corner charge, Castle falls outside! Evans avoids a MOOSE charge, roll-up with feet on the ropes, Cheeseburger breaks up the pin. Evans sends Cheeseburger outside.

HIT STICK!! 1-2-3!

Winner: MOOSE by pinfall (The Hit Stick)

MOOSE & Stokely celebrate his win afterwards as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the Decade is in the ring and BJ Whitmer as a mic. Whitmer says that over the last 6 weeks, all you people watching at home and everyone here at Ring of Honor, you’ve watched the maturation of a youngster, you’ve watched a youngster become a man before your very eyes. This youngster has shown more heart, more toughness, than anyone in that Ring of Honor lockerroom, or anybody sitting at ringside and that young man’s name is Colby Corino, Colby, come up here. (Crowd LOUDLY boos Whitmer). Colby, where I do start with you? (Shut the F up chants by the crowd). Colby, it wasn’t that long ago that you came into this very ring and you almost beat that big, goofy bastard, MOOSE. Then, just a couple weeks later, you almost beat the tag-team of War Machine by yourself. So first, Colby, I just wanna let you know how proud I am of you (“Whitmer sucks” chants by the crowd to the tune of “New Day Sucks”.) So Colby, there is something else I need to tell you. You see, when I brought you in as the Decade’s next young boy, I looked at you like a little brother, but now, Colby, now I look at you like you are my own son. And Colby, I hope that you view me like the father you’ve never, ever had. (Crowd chants for Corino.) So Colby, to show you how proud I am of you, I’ve got you a gift, tonight, because that’s what fathers do, they give their sons gifts. You ready, do you wanna know that gift is? Colby, I’ve booked you in a Gauntlet Match here tonight. Colby, its not just any Gauntlet Match, you see, I was at the last Ring of Honor try-out camp and I found 4 hungry, talented wrestlers that want what you got, they want a spot here in Ring of Honor, so are you ready for me to start this Gauntlet? (Colby says he’s ready.) Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

Whitmer brings out a referee and ring announcer Bobby Cruise to introduce the participants, yelling at Cruise to not look at Corino. Cruise introduces the 4 wrestlers facing Colby in the gauntlet at a combined 1800 pounds, Jaheim Ali, Wildman Kongo, The Beast Ortiz, The Punishment Martinez. The 4 big guys come out as Corino leaves commentary to stop this from happening to his son before it starts. Corino gets in the 4 wrestlers’ faces, then gets into the ring. Whitmer says to Corino that now he decides its time to step up, are you gonna do something? Whitmer continues to goad Corino as Corino removes his suit jacket and tie. Referees come out to try and keep Corino from Whitmer as Whitmer says that Corino thinks doing something right now is gonna make up for abandoning this kid. Tell me something, Steve, how long is it before you abandon that pretty, little wife and that baby son of yours? Corino has had enough and grabs Whitmer by the throat. Referees rush the ring, including match-maker Nigel McGuinness and Nigel keeps Corino back. Whitmer continues to dare Corino to hit him, be a man, you gonna let Nigel stop you? Corino yells at Nigel, while Nigel begins to yell at Whitmer for what he’s done as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to the main event as Nigel McGuinness joins commentary while Corino has been sent to the back to cool down after what just happened.

Main Event: “The Last Hero” ACH vs. “The Round-Eyed Samurai” Bobby Fish

Code of Honor before the bell. ACH avoids an early head kick. Dueling chants for both men. Commentary notes that next week, its War Machine vs. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly. Chain wrestling, Fish messes with ACH. ACH with a shoulder tackle, cartwheel, backflip, evasion, dropkick. Basement corner chop, Tornado Suplex gets 2. More shots by ACH, Fish nails ACH going up & over. ACH sends Fish outside, Fish avoids slingshot plancha, ACH crashes and burns outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Fish with an Inverted Bearhug applied. ACH fights out, blocks shots by Fish, slides under his legs, series of kicks, Fish checks one with his knee, back heel kick by ACH. Corner clothesline, big clothesline gets ACH 2. Spring-In Swinging Flatliner for another 2. Fish comes back with a Samoan, running knee to the ribs in the corner, Buckle Exploder gets 2. Fish flips off the crowd, strike exchange, more knees by Fish, ACH does a Matrix move to avoid the Fish double flying forearm, sending Fish outside. Fish avoids one Apron PK, doesn’t avoid the second. ACH with a head of steam, FOSBURY FLOP WIPES OUT FISH!! Back in, ACH’s knee buckles off the Dum-Dum Stomp attempt, Dragon Screw by Fish. Fish avoids a basement head kick, but ACH with a basement superkick for a close 2. ACH is favoring his leg, but heads up top for the Midnight Star, but Fish gets the knees up. Inside Cradle by Fish for another close 2. Series of strikes by Fish, including a big leg kick. Fish avoids an enziguri and a back heel kick, Fish Hook applied, but ACH counters it with a cradle for a close 2. Fish charges, but ACH catches him with a Buckle Powerslam! ACH heads up top, but Fish takes his leg out with a leg kick!

Fish heads up top with ACH, DOES THE DEAL for the win.

Winner: “The Round-Eyed Samurai” Bobby Fish by pinfall (Doing the Deal)

Both men adhere to the Code of Honor afterwards, “That was awesome” chants by the crowd as the show closes.