Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America
July 22, 2015
New York City (Terminal 5)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show.

With this being the 200th episode of ROH TV, for the first half of the show, we will see brief clips of the best moments from the previous 199 episodes. Those moments shown included the following:

* The Addiction winning the ROH Tag Team Titles over reDRagon and the reveal of The Knights of the Rising Dawn. Addiction defend the ROH Tag Team Titles at Death Before Dishonor XIII this Friday in a Four Corner Survival against The Kingdom, War Machine and reDRagon.


* Steel Cage Warfare from July 2013 between Team ROH and S.C.U.M.

* Highlights of the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament and the Finals that saw Donovan Dijak defeat Will Ferrara to win the tournament.


* The Finals of Tag Wars 2014 with reDRagon successfully retaining (at the time) over ACH & Matt Sydal

* AJ Styles vs. Hanson from November 2014


* Michael Bennett vs. Lance Storm in the rubber match of their series from August 2012

We now go to the lone current match on this show.

Main Event in a 8-Person Tag Team Grudge Match: The House of Truth (Ring of Honor World & Television Champion “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal, Donovan Dijak, J. Diesel & Truth Martini) vs. #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark), “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong and ODB

No Code of Honor here. “Baby Batista” chants directed at Diesel. ODB & Martini start as Martini takes off his suit jacket. Martini does some break-dancing early, but then tags in Lethal. Strong tags in as well, sending Lethal outside. Dijak tags in. Dijak throws Strong into the corner and taunts him. Strong responds with chops, but Dijak goes downstairs. Strong avoids a big boot, but Dijak blocks a backbreaker. Leg lariat by Strong, but Dijak does not go down. Jay in, headbutts to Dijak. Mark in, snap suplex by Jay, Chicken Rope Walk Elbow by Mark as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Dijak with a standing suplex throw to Mark. Lethal in, stomps away at Mark in the corner. Diesel in, more stomps and shoulders to Mark. Dijak in, big back club to Mark for 2. Series of knees to the ribs by Dijak for another 2. Lethal in, 2nd Rope stomp to Mark for another 2. Dijak back in, elbow drop to Mark for another 2. Mark fights back with shoulders, but Dijak with a boot to the head. Mark fires back with a series of chops, but Dijak goes back downstairs. Mark springs off the ropes with a forearm, Jay tags in. Jabs and uppercuts by Jay, followed by a big boot. Hangman’s Neckbreaker gets 2. “Man Up” chants by the crowd. Dijak drives Jay into the corner to block the Jay Driller and the House of Truth assaults Jay. Jay fights back, but Dijak with a big boot. Lethal in and he & Jay slug it out. Diesel in, suplex to Jay gets 2. Fallaway Slam, as Diesel talks trash to the babyface team, Martini tags in. Diesel with a slam, but Jay with a shot to Martini, who quickly tags out to Lethal. Lethal unloads with shots to Jay, Cobra Clutch applied, crowd wills on Jay. Lethal transitions to a short-arm clothesline for another 2. Diesel in, elbow drop to Jay as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jay fights back on Diesel, then catches him off the ropes with a DVD. Strong & Lethal tag in, Lethal misses a clothesline, Hart Attack Clothesline by Strong. Series of chops, big dropkick by Strong. Running chest kick, running forearm in the corner, Death by Roderick, SICK KICK!! House of Truth break up the pin. Briscoes take care of Diesel & Dijak. Mark with a suplex to Diesel on the floor. Strong slips out of a suplex, backs up into the ropes where ODB blind tags in. Strong with two enziguris to Lethal, but Lethal with a superkick. ODB leaps onto Lethal, going for a Sleeper, but Lethal tags in Martini, who pulls ODB off. Dijak sends Jay into the barricade, same with Diesel to Mark outside, leaving ODB all alone with the House of Truth in the ring. Crowd chants for ODB. ODB takes a swig of some Liquid Courage and hits shots on all of the House of Truth, but then Lethal and Martini go downstairs. Briscoes & Strong get back in and all 8 slug it out in the ring. Briscoes with clotheslines to Dijak & Diesel, sending them outside. Briscoes with a head of steam, FLIP DIVES WIPE OUT DIJAK & DIESEL!! Strong misses a clothesline on Lethal, TOPE SUICIDA WIPES OUT JAY!!! Through-the-ropes running dropkick by Strong wipes out Lethal! Martini with a roll-up on ODB for 2.

ODB spits the swig of alcohol in Martini’s face! 100 Proof Roll-Up gets ODB the win.

Winners: The Briscoes, Roderick Strong & ODB by pinfall (100 Proof Roll-Up)

Briscoes, ODB & Strong celebrate their win afterwards as we close the show with the same closing hype video for the Death Before Dishonor iPPV this Friday from last week.