Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America
July 8, 2015
New York City (Terminal 5)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Show opens with video highlighting Jay Lethal defeating Jay Briscoe to win the ROH World Title at Best in the World a couple weeks ago.

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. Commentary talks about tonight’s 6-Man Tag Team main event, then we go to the opening match.

Watanabe vs. “The Peacock” Dalton Castle w/The Boys

Code of Honor before the bell. Watanabe with a shoulder tackle early, then taunts the crowd as the Boys fan off Castle. “Fan Up” chants by the crowd. Castle responds with a shoulder tackle, then the Boys fan off Watanabe as well. Castle gets upset at this, saying those are his Boys. Watanabe with a big elbow, followed by a Hart Attack clothesline. Standing Surfboard applied by Watanabe, then he slams Castle’s face off the mat. Castle comes back with a knee to the ribs as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Castle & Watanabe roll around in an inside cradle attempt, trying to get the advantage on one another. Both are dizzy, then they clothesline each other down, both men down. Crowd wills on Castle as the ref begins his standing 10 count. They get up at opposite corners at 7. Castle runs into a boot, then misses an avalanche. Neckbreaker by Watanabe, then he mocks Castle’s Peacock walk and hits a leaping back senton for 2. Castle comes back with a right hand and a chop. Castle slips out of a back suplex, Watanabe blocks a German, but Castle hits the Greco-Roman Suplex. Deadlift German by Castle for a close 2. Crowd chants for Castle. Castle with right hands, but Watanabe catches a boot and hits a headbutt to the chest. Unique backbreaker from a Cloverleaf position by Watanabe, followed by a Teardrop Suplex for 2. Watanabe motions that its over, but Castle grabs him.

Bang-a-Rang (Whirly Bird Sit-Out Facebuster) by Castle gets the win.

Winner: “The Peacock” Dalton Castle by pinfall (The Bang-a-Rang)

Code of Honor adhered to again afterwards. Castle grabs the mic. The Boys form a human chair for Castle to sit in. Castle says there certainly are a lot of boys here tonight. After Best in the World, it became abundantly clear that there is only one ‘Real Man’ in Ring of Honor and his name is Dalton Castle. This brings out Silas Young to the rampway and referees have to hold him back as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Ring of Honor matchmaker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and introduces the new ROH World Champion, as well as ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal. Lethal, along with the House of Truth, make their way to the ring.

Nigel congratulates Jay for making his statements about becoming the World Champion come true and wanted to allow Lethal to talk to his fans.

Martini stops Nigel and says that Nigel asks if the Champion has anything to say to his fans. They deserve to hear from Lethal, but these are not his people. Martini says that the people in the ring are HIS people. At Best in the World, history was made and you witnessed a legend in the making. You witnessed the greatest first generation wrestler. You witnessed the ROH World Television Champion. Now you have the Ring of Honor World Champion and the undisputed champion in the entire world . . . Jay Lethal.

Nigel says that is all well and good, but he wants to hear from the champ.

Lethal tells Nigel that all he wants to say is what he has been saying from the beginning. I am the best in the world. To be the best in the world, you have to be the undisputed champion of the greatest wrestling company in the world, Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor is the greatest company in the world because he is the champion. That is all he wants to say because he has nothing to prove to Nigel or the people.

Nigel tells Lethal before he leaves, he has a question for him. Nigel asks Lethal which belt is he going to vacate?

Lethal wants to know what Nigel’s problem is. He is not giving up a damn thing. He earned both of these. By the end of Best in the World, you knew someone would have both championships. Lethal says he is not giving up a damn thing. Lethal says when he wrestles, he will be defending the Undisputed Championship, so he will need both titles.

Nigel says that they are separate belts and separate entities, so you may have to defend both titles on the same show. At Death Before Dishonor, you are defending the World Title against Roderick Strong. Next week, you are defending the Television Title against Mark Briscoe.

Lethal asks if this is Nigel’s attempt to stack the deck and steal his spotlight. I will do you one better. If he has to defend both championships on one night in two separate matches, he will prove that he is the greatest wrestler. Lethal yells at the crowd and tells them that he does not need their applause from any of you because he knows he is the best in the world. If he has to defend both titles in separate matches, he will do it. Since he is pissed now, he will destroy Mark Briscoe next week. It will be a snowball effect because at Death Before Dishonor, when he steps in the ring with Roderick Strong, he will get every bit of Jay Lethal and he will prove to the entire world . . .

Roderick Strong’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Nigel says that Strong has his title shot and if he has something to say, so go ahead.

Strong tells Lethal that since you wanted to make something very clear, then yells at Lethal to look at him. On July 24th, at Death Before Dishonor, on iPPV, you walk in as Ring of Honor World Champion, but I walk out as Ring of Honor World Champion.

Strong & Lethal stare each other down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo backstage from Adam Page about his match next week with Matt Sydal, but he talks more about ACH, his opponent at Death Before Dishonor. Page says that next week, Sydal will not get back up and at Death Before Dishonor, neither will ACH.

Main Event in a 6-Man Tag Team Match: The Kingdom (“The One” Adam Cole & IWGP Tag Team Champions {at the time) Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/”The First Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & reDRagon (“The Round-Eyed Samurai” Bobby Fish & “The Ambassador of Kick-Assador” Kyle O’Reilly)

Before the match starts, Maria grabs the mic. Maria says that she knows that Cole is upset about Best in the World, but it was not his fault. Bennett, Taven and herself have been traveling the world. They won the IWGP Tag Team Championships together. They have been changing people’s minds and that is why they are the internet’s darlings. It is not Cole’s fault. Maria says that as ythe leader of the Kingdom, she takes full responsibility. I believe in you, Adam, and I believe in the Kingdom. Together they will show that this Kingdom will never fall. The Kingdom all embraces in the ring, although Cole still has a confused and upset look on his face.

Code of Honor by all 6 men before the bell. Bennett & Elgin start. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle early. Bennett avoids a charge, but Elgin mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Elgin blows a kiss to Cole, goes for the delayed suplex on Bennett, but Taven & Cole separately try to break it up, but Elgin STILL lifts Bennett back up. Both Taven & Cole try to come back into break it up, but reDRagon comes in to stop them. Stereo submissions by reDRagon to Taven & Cole while Elgin STILL has Bennett up in the delayed suplex. Elgin finally drops Bennett, reDRagon release their submissions, Elgin gets 2. Cole with a cheapshot to Elgin from the apron, but Elgin knocks him off. Western Lariat knocks down Taven, but they pull him outside and go to work on him. FLIP DIVE BY BENNETT WIPES OUT ELGIN!! Back in, Bennett gets 2. Cole in, Bennett sends Elgin into a Pump Kick by Cole. Top Rope Crossbody by Taven, O’Reilly breaks up the Cole pin. Taven in, presses his boot against the back of Elgin’s head, taunts the crowd. Elgin fights back, but Taven with a standing dropkick. Bennett in, stomps away at Elgin in the corner. Bennett taunts reDRagon, then continues to choke Elgin in the corner. Elgin fights out of the Kingdom corner as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Taven & Cole pull reDRagon off the apron before Elgin can make a tag to them. Cole in, Elgin avoids a Kingdom double team in the corner, big boot to Taven on the apron. Elgin Tiger flips over Cole, O’Connor Roll into the double stomp on Bennett’s back. Codebreaker/Back Senton combo by Elgin to Cole & Bennett respectively. reDRagon get the tag in, knock Kingdom off the apron. Double Arm Breaker to Bennett, followed by a double chest kick. Cole comes in, running elbow by O’Reilly in the corner. Fish with a running knee, O’Reilly with a running chest kick. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker/2nd Rope Knee Drop by reDRagon to Cole, then they do some hip swiveling. Taven leaps off the top, but Fish catches him on the way down with a gut shot. Assisted DDT/Wheelbarrow German by reDRagon to Taven gets a close 2. O’Reilly in, Taven avoids a reDRagon double team in the corner, but O’Reilly hooks him in a cross armbreaker in the ropes. Fish leaps over O’Reilly, SLINGSHOT SENTON WIPES OUT BENNETT!! SUPERKICK BY COLE TO O’REILLY HANGING UPSIDE DOWN IN THE ROPES!!! Kingdom holds up reDRagon for Taven, No-Hands Plancha wipes out reDRagon! Elgin tags in, catches Taven coming in on the apron. Elgin goes to the middle rope with Taven draped across the ropes, DRAPING SOMERSAULT LEG DROP!!! Bennett leaps off the top, but Elgin catches him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly. Two Running Forearms by Elgin to Bennett in the corner. Bennett goes to the middle rope, but Elgin sidesteps a Taven charge, sending Taven into Bennett’s little Bennetts. Elgin lifts up Taven, then lifts up Bennett from the turnbuckles. Cole tries to break it up, then lets out an “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!” Cole off the ropes, but Elgin swings Taven’s legs to knock down Cole, DOUBLE SAMOAN TO BENNETT & TAVEN!!! Elgin gets 2 on Taven. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Taven slips out of the Buckle Bomb, Elgin avoids an enziguri, Bennett blocks the Deadlift German, but Elgin with a back elbow. Enziguri by Elgin to Taven. Elgin goes to the middle rope, but Cole stops him, allowing Taven to hit Elgin now with an enziguri. Bennett knocks reDRagon off the apron, Proton Pack (Chin Checker/Flying Kick combo) by Taven & Bennett, followed by the Shining Wizard by Cole gets the Kingdom a close 2. Maria can’t believe it! reDRagon send Cole & Bennett outside, stereo slingshot planchas by reDRagon wipe them out! Taven goes to dive, but Elgin catches him. Elgin rolls through a Sunset Flip, Deadlifts Taven, POWERBOMBS HIM OUTSIDE ONTO EVERYONE!!

Elgin goes to the middle rope as reDRagon have Taven back in. Chasing the Dragon to Taven, then while he is still upside down, reDRagon pass him off to the awaiting arms of Elgin on the turnbuckles. SUPER ELGIN BOMB!!! KINGDOM BREAKS UP THE PIN! reDRagon sent outside, Elgin clotheslines Bennett outside, blocks a Cole superkick, but Cole with a savate kick to the ribs. Cole goes to the middle rope, PANAMA SUNRISE!!! Bennett grabs Elgin as Taven heads up top, HAIL MARY!!! 1-2……..ELGIN KICKS OUT!!! KINGDOM CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! reDRagon again sent outside, Cole tags in. reDRagon avoids stereo slingshot planchas by Taven & Bennett, Fish drives Taven into the barricade. Cole goes again for the Panama Sunrise, but Elgin counters it with a backdrop. O’Reilly in, strike exchange between he & Cole. Cole gains advantage, but then O’Reilly with his series of strikes. Cole avoids the leg sweep, SUPERKICK!! O’Reilly catches Cole with the front guillotine choke, then slips out of the Brainbuster across the knee attempt by Cole. ANOTHER SUPERKICK BY COLE!!! NIGEL LARIAT BY O’REILLY TURNS COLE INSIDE OUT!!


Winners: reDRagon & Michael Elgin by pinfall (Chasing the Dragon)

reDRagon & Elgin celebrate their win afterwards. Kingdom is upset again at Cole for losing as the crowd chants “Leave the Kingdom”. Cole adheres to the Code of Honor with his former tag-team partner in O’Reilly, then raises his hand while looking right at the Kingdom. Cole leaves without the Kingdom as they look on in confusion as the show closes.