Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
November 8, 2014
Lakeland, Florida (The Lakeland Center)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see video highlighting the Kingdom’s attack on Jay Briscoe 2 weeks ago and the return of Matt Taven to join the Kingdom. Maria says that Matt just needed the proper motivation. Now that we have that Matt, Adam, Mike and me, we can let the armageddon begin. Bennett says that the Kingdom has a long history with the Briscoes. Tonight, every chapter has to have a turning point, every story has to have a close and the Kingdom is closing it tonight.

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

Cedric Alexander vs. “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa

We see video from a month ago when Cedric was attacked backstage prior to the Honor Rumble, presumably by Ciampa, who wound up taking his spot in the match. Alexander knocks Ciampa off the ropes before the bell sounds with a running dropkick. Alexander with a head of steam and wipes out Ciampa with a flip dive! Back in, Alexander heads up top and hits Ciampa with Overtime for a nearfall. Cedric with a forearm and a series of chops to Ciampa in the corner. Ciampa sent off the turnbuckles, then Cedric with another forearm. Ciampa comes back with a right hand, but Cedric with a savate kick to the ribs. Cedric charges, but Ciampa rolls out to the outside. Cedric goes out after him and sends Ciampa multiple times into the barricade. Cedric unloads with right hands to Ciampa, followed by a big right hand. Ciampa comes back with a forearm and sends Cedric into the barricade. Ciampa breaks the referee’s 10 count, then seats Cedric on a chair against the barricade and hits him with a series of chops. Ciampa with a head of steam and nails Cedric with a running Knockout Knee, sending Ciampa himself into the crowd! Cedric drives Ciampa into the ringpost back-first. Back in, Cedric with a shoulder to the ribs from the apron, followed by a springboard clothesline. Cedric charges and hits Concussion on Delivery to Ciampa in the corner. Cedric goes for it again, but Ciampa catches and throws Cedric over the ropes and to the outside.


Back from commercial as Ciampa stomps away at Cedric back in the ring. Ciampa looks over at Nigel on commentary, then hits Cedric with an overhand chop in the corner. Series of knee strikes by Ciampa, then he goes onto the apron and drapes Cedric across the bottom rope before nailing him with a running knee to the head. Back in, Ciampa gains a nearfall. Cedric fights back with gut shots, but Ciampa with a right hand. Ciampa with a series of elbows to the chest of Cedric, then locks him in a chinlock. Crowd wills on Cedric. Cedric fights out with an uppercut and a chop, then slips out of a back suplex. Ciampa avoids the 540 Kick, but runs into a boot by Cedric. Cedric goes to the middle rope, but Ciampa sweeps out his leg, sending Cedric crashing into the corner. Down comes the kneepad and Ciampa charges and hits 2 Running Knockout Knees. Ciampa goes for the trifecta, but Cedric goes off his blind side and this time hits Ciampa with the 540 Kick. Referee begins his 10 count as both men are down. Both men get back up by the count of 5. Ciampa goes for a suplex, but Cedric counters with 2 rolling suplexes. Ciampa blocks the trifecta, but misses a clothesline and Cedric hits him with a Power Driver for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Strike exchange between the two, then a chop exchange. Cedric avoids a discus clothesline by Ciampa and lifts him up, but Ciampa avoids Kick 2 Kill: Part 2 and hits Cedric with a Knockout Knee for a nearfall. Ciampa goes for Project Ciampa, but Cedric lifts him up and this time hits Kick 2 Kill: Part 2 for a nearfall. Cedric heads up top and leaps over Ciampa. Cedric with a Windmill Kick and goes off the ropes, but Ciampa turns him inside out with a discus clothesline for a nearfall. Ciampa menaces the referee back into the corner about the nearfall, then Cedric charges for another Concussion on Delivery, but Ciampa ducks and Cedric accidentally hits the referee with it! Cedric goes to check on the ref, while Ciampa removes the tag rope from one of the corners. Ciampa chokes Cedric with the tag rope, then masks it with a chinlock.

Referee comes to as Cedric is out, checks the arm and rings the bell.

Winner: “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa via referee stoppage

Ciampa hides the tag rope underneath his armpit afterwards, but when the referee raises his hand, the tag rope falls out and onto the mat. Referee confers with Nigel at ringside, then tells the ring announcer something. Ring announcer says that the referee has reversed his decision, giving the win to Cedric.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via reverse decision

Ciampa yells at Nigel afterwards that he caused this. Ciampa grabs a chair and nails Cedric across the back with it. Ciampa sets up the open chair and BRAINBUSTERS CEDRIC ONTO IT! Attendants come out to help Cedric as Ciampa sits on the chair and yells at Nigel that this is his fault and I can do this because Cedric is not an official. Ciampa kisses the fallen Cedric on the head. Ciampa leaves the ring, then grabs one of the headsets at the commentary table and says that “Nigel screwed Nigel.” Attendants check on Cedric in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. Martini says that ACH calls himself a Superman, but you see, Superman flies and at All-Star Extravaganza, you proved to the entire world that you did nothing of the sort. Lethal says its because ACH had zero confidence in himself, he couldn’t even show up, Well, I’ll tell ya what, you got about 7 days, make sure the airline knows you’re coming, call your cab, secure your ride, because I want you in the ring so I can prove that I’m the best.

We go to a promo from the Briscoes. Mark says that tonight on Ring of Honor TV, you get to see the baddest tag-team on the planet take on two of Maria Kanellis’s clowns, Matt Taven and Michael Bennett, team collectively known as the Kingdom. Jay says that every Kingdom gotta fall and after what y’all did to us last week, that Kingdom’s gonna fall tonight.

Prince Nana joins commentary for our next match.

Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV) vs. RD Evans & Moose w/Ramon

Code of Honor before the bell. #TheNewStreak currently sits at 166-0. Moose & Evans start. Evans taunts Moose as the crowd chants for Moose. Evans piefaces Moose, then goes for a shoulder tackle multiple times, but Moose does not go down. Moose goes off Evans’ blind side and nails him with a dropkick. Case in, Moose misses a clothesline and Case with a series of forearms, but Moose with a back body drop. RD in, inside cradle to Case for a nearfall. Evans takes a shot at RD from the apron, allowing Case to hit a Zig-Zag variation. Evans in, Worst Case Scenario drives RD into the corner. Uppercut/Kitchen Sink combo by Worst Case Scenario for a nearfall. Evans with a slam, followed by a running back senton for a nearfall. We see Nana leave commentary and talk with Ramon. Evans sends RD into the corner, Case tags in, but RD avoids another double team and hits a double inverted DDT. Moose in, running headbutts to Worst Case Scenario. Series of avalanches in the corner by Moose to Worst Case Scenario, then sandwiches them both with another avalanche. Moose runs up the ropes and wipes out Worst Case Scenario with a crossbody. RD in, runs up the ropes, but Case crotches him. RD gets caught in the Tree of Woe, Moose charges, but Evans avoids him, sending Moose into RD. Evans pulls down the top rope, sending Moose to the outside. Alarm Clock Right Hand by Worst Case Scenario on RD, but Moose sends Evans into Case, breaking up the pin attempt. Case with more forearms to Moose, but he hits him with an Alarm Clock Knee Strike. Moose hits the Hit Stick on Case, RD tags in.

RD stands on Moose’s shoulders and splashes Case for the win.

Winners: Moose & RD Evans by pinfall (Assisted Splash)

RD celebrates he & Moose’s win afterwards as #TheNewStreak is now at 167-0. Nana is disgusted by this and leaves ringside as we go to commercial.


Backstage, Kevin Kelly introduces the returning “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Elgin makes his way to the ring.

Kelly makes note of Elgin having dip in his mouth and his bottle of tobacco spit, but Elgin says he just wants to be comfortable and offers to have Kelly hold his bottle.

Kelly brings up Elgin losing the ROH World Title at All-Star Extravaganza and what does the future hold.

Elgin says that he wants to start a new chapter here in Ring of Honor and I want to speak freely and be comfortable. I tried to dress nice to really represent that corporate image that Ring of Honor now has, but its really uncomfortable, so give me a second.

Elgin takes off his suit jacket and tries to put it over top Kelly’s head, but Kelly has had enough and leaves the ring.

Elgin asks Kelly what the matter is, I thought you wanted to ask your questions, go ahead and ask your questions.

Elgin says he was asked, well, I was told, to come out here and apologize to Ring of Honor and all of you. So, I want to say I’m sorry, so I’m sorry that I didn’t come out here before and let myself be me. Ring of Honor, I’m not gonna come out here and say what you want me to say, I’m not gonna do what you want me to do. You told me earlier this week that if I didn’t show up tonight, things were gonna get messy. Do you think for one second that things couldn’t get any messier for me than they already have been? I’m about to make things a mess for you and Ring of Honor, I promise, you’re standing knee-deep in it. The problem is when you pray for the rain, you have to deal with the mud.

Elgin leaves the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Adam Cole joins commentary for our main event.

Main Event in a Tag Team Grudge Match: The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/”The First Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis vs. #DemBoys The Briscoes (Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

The Kingdom comes out to new mash-up theme music of Bennett & Cole’s entrance themes. The two teams brawl at ringside as the bell sounds. Briscoes send the Kingdom into the barricade multiple times. Bell sounds as Bennett stomps away at Mark back in the ring. Mark with a clothesline to Bennett, followed by a through-the-ropes running dropkick on Taven. Jay with right hands to Taven, then sends him into the barricade. More right hands by Jay to Taven, but Taven sends him into the barricade. Kingdom then sends the Briscoes into the barricade. Taven with a slam to Jay on the outside. Back in, Bennett with a dropkick to Mark. Jay comes back with an uppercut to Taven. Bennett with a series of right hands to Mark. Mark sends Bennett to the outside, where Jay sends him into the barricade. Mark sets up a ringside table and goes to suplex Bennett through it, but Bennett blocks it. Jay stomps away at Taven in the corner back in the ring. Jay catches Taven going up & over and sends him to the outside, where Mark wipes out Taven with a Blockbuster off the apron. Bennett gets back in and nails Jay with a superkick, followed by the Box Office Smash. Mark goes for the Cactus Elbow on Taven off the apron, but Bennett stops him with a Spear. All 4 men are down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as things have settled down into a normal tag match. The Kingdom have been working over the Briscoes since the commercial break. Taven in, chokes Mark in the corner. Mark fights back, flips out of a backdrop attempt, but Taven nails him with a springboard roundhouse kick for a nearfall. Bennett in, mocks Mark and hits an elbow drop for a 1 count. Bennett with a slam, then goes to the middle rope and does the Matt Hardy taunt before hitting a 2nd Rope Leg Drop for a nearfall. Taven in, gut kick to Mark, followed by a back club. Moonlight Drive by Taven, then taunts the crowd. Taven stomps away at Mark, Bennett tags in, stomp to Mark. Mark counters a suplex attempt by Bennett with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Bennett comes back with a clothesline. Bennett does more Matt Hardy taunting and goes for the Twist of Fate as Taven tags in and heads up top, but Mark slips out and sends Bennett into Taven, crotching Taven. Mark then hits Bennett with an Exploder.

Jay in, series of avalanches to Taven, followed by a running boot. Jay peppers Bennett with a series of jabs, followed by a headbutt. Bennett slips out of Hangman’s Neckbreaker, but Jay slips out of another Twist of Fate attempt and hits a Falcon Arrow. Mark in, avalanche to Taven, followed by Jay this time hitting the Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mark in, missile dropkick off the middle rope to Taven. Mark with some Redneck Kung Fu to Taven, but runs into a boot. Taven charges, but Mark hits him with the Cluck & Roll (Cartwheel Death Valley Driver). Mark heads up top for the Froggy Bow, but Bennett pushes Mark off and onto the knees of Taven. Jay with right hands to Bennett on the outside, but Taven wipes out Jay with a tope suicida! Cole says on commentary that this thing with him & Jay will never be over and there is only room for one of them in Ring of Honor. Taven with a superkick to Mark, followed by the Spear from Bennett for a nearfall. Kingdom goes for the Briscoes’ own Doomsday Device on Mark, but Mark forward rolls out of it and sends Bennett to the outside.

Jay hits Taven with the Jay Driller for the win.

Winners: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Jay Driller)

Afterwards, Cole leaves commentary and nails Mark from behind. Cole and Jay go back-and-forth, with Jay getting the better of Cole with jabs. Maria joins commentary while this is going on and says there is always a plan. Briscoes ping-pong Cole with jabs and Redneck Kung-Fu. Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device on Cole, but Maria leaves commentary and pushes Mark off the top and through the ringside table! The Kingdom begin putting the boots and right hands to Jay in the ring while attendants check on the fallen Mark on the outside. Security runs in to break things up, but the Kingdom lays waste to them. Bennett, whose eye is busted from the earlier jabs by Jay, lays him out with a Twist of Fate. The Kingdom stands tall yet again as the show closes.