ROH on Sinclair Results 3/30/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
March 30, 2013
Chicago Ridge, Illinois (Frontier Fieldhouse)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer
Report by: Jason Namako of

We see what happened last week when SCUM held Veda Scott hostage until they got matches on this week’s show with SCUM vs. ROH, which Nigel McGuinness agreed to.

Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show. Kelly says that this week, every match will be ROH vs. SCUM. We then hear the music of the ROH World Champion as Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring. Steen has a mic, but before he can speak, the #1 Contender to the ROH World Title, Jay Briscoe, with his arm in a sling, makes his way to the ring. Jay has a mic as the crowd chants “Man Up”. Jay says to Steen to save his s**t. For the past 11 years, ROH has been his life. This is how he feeds his family. Now, Steen & SCUM walk around, talking about they wanna kill this company. That sounds like you guys are threatening his livelihood. Jay says he doesn’t take too kindly to people threatening his livelihood. So in New York City at Supercard of Honor, I’m gonna win that belt, b***h. Steen says that 1st of all, as far as SCUM goes……….

But before Steen can continue, the voice of Steve Corino interrupts him. Corino says to Jay how dare he the disrespect the world champion? How dare you be in the same ring with the greatest wrestler on god’s green earth. You have a lot of nuts, young man. This guy is the greatest world champion in ROH history and you are nothing but a bridesmaid. You could never win the big match. Jay says that the champion can’t speak for himself? Hey Kevin, when did you become Steve Corino’s little bitch? Steen laughs at that as Corino says don’t you talk to him like that. Don’t you ever raise your……..

But before Corino can continue, Steen cuts him off. Steen says he’s glad the Briscoes are getting title shots at my ROH World Title, because I do think you guys deserve them. I have been saying how proud I am of being ROH World Champion, I’ll be even more proud once I beat both of the Briscoes to keep it. We’ll see who the b***h is in New York City, b***h.

Steen leaves as Corino says to Jay that’s right, he called you the B word and said it to your ugly face. You’re so ugly, you should wear a mask. If it wasn’t for your fake shoulder injury, I’d whip your ass right now. Corino doesn’t realize that Steen left him as Jay pulls out a lead pipe from his sling. Corino backs off, but SCUM hit the ring. SCUM circle Jay until his brother Mark & C & C hit the ring. Team ROH clears the ring as a ref hits the ring and rings the bell for our opening match, which starts now!

The C & C Wrestlefactory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) (ROH) vs. “Ruthless” Rhett Titus & “Mr. 1859” Cliff Compton (SCUM)

Coleman with a leg drop to Titus, then tags in Alexander. Alexander with a forearm, followed by a slingshot elbow drop for a nearfall. Alexander removes Titus’s ring jacket, but Titus comes back with a knee. Alexander fights out of the SCUM corner, then catches Titus with a boot. Titus grabs the official on the way down, allowing Compton to send Alexander crotch-first into the ringpost. Titus stomps away, then tags in Compton. Titus with a gourdbuster across the ropes, followed by a top rope elbow by Compton. Compton taunts the crowd, then hits a slam and a leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Tag to Titus, who hits a running boot to the head. Titus with facewashes to Compton, then distracts the ref so Compton can choke him. Alexander fights back, but Titus avoids a head kick and hits a boot, followed by a discus clothesline, but Coleman breaks up the pinfall. Titus chokes Alexander, then locks in a chinlock as the crowd wills on Alexander. Commentators mention that Compton always thought he would get a call-up from Jim Cornette while he was in OVW, but it never happened. They also mention that Titus’s boots were given to him by his former partner, BJ Whitmer, back when Whitmer thought his career was over a few years ago. Alexander sidesteps a backdrop, avoids a clothesline and tags in Coleman. Coleman with a series of right hands, followed by a spin kick combo. Coleman with a Rough Ryder variation for a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Before we come back from commercial, we see a Supercard of Honor hype promo with the H.O.T. Truth Martini says that he wants to see if Matt Hardy & Adam Cole have what it takes to take the TV Title from Matt Taven. Martini thinks they don’t have it and at Supercard of Honor, we’re gonna get off.

Back from commercial as Coleman knocks Compton off the apron, but Titus nails him from behind. Coleman then comes back with a spin kick to the Titus in the corner, followed by a moonsault to Compton on the outside all in 1 motion. Titus avoids an Alexander charge, but he leaps to the ropes and hits a turnaround roundhouse kick off the ropes. Alexander with a sit-out Glam Slam variation, followed by a top rope Coleman leg drop for a close nearfall. C & C go for another double team, but Jimmy Rave comes in and throws Alexander off the top rope and he crashes hard on the apron. Coleman fights off Titus & Compton, but while the ref is distracted, Jimmy Jacobs runs in and gives Compton powder, so he can throw it in the eyes of Coleman.

Titus then hits a big standing dropkick on Coleman for the victory.

Winners: “Ruthless” Rhett Titus & “Mr. 1859” Cliff Compton (SCUM) by pinfall (Standing Dropkick)

SCUM celebrates their win, standing tall over C & C. Then as Titus & Compton leave, Rave & Jacobs go after C & C until Mike Mondo makes the save. Mondo gets rid of Rave, then a new referee comes in and rings the bell for our next match, starting now!

“No Fear” Mike Mondo (ROH) vs. “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs (SCUM)

Mondo sends Jacobs into the corner, followed by a running bulldog. Mondo with a baseball slide to Rave, then sends him over the barricade. Mondo avoids a slingshot plancha from Jacobs, then hits a slingshot corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring, Mondo gains a 1 count. Jacobs side-steps a backdrop, but Mondo stops him on the turnbuckles. Mondo removes the covering from the ringpost and traps Jacobs’ hand in there so that he has nowhere to go when Mondo begins to unload with kicks to the ribs. The ref pulls him back, but Mondo with more kicks as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jacobs stops Mondo on the turnbuckles, but Mondo knocks him off. Jacobs comes back with a big forearm, knocking Mondo off the turnbuckles and to the outside. Jacobs with an elbow drop off the apron, then sends Mondo into the barricade. Jacobs does it a 2nd time, then stands on Mondo to taunt the crowd. Jacobs throws Mondo down, then gets a chair. Jacobs opens up the chair, then seats Mondo on it. Jacobs goes back in the ring, charges and takes out Mondo with a tope suicida while Mondo was seated in the chair. Crowd chants “that was awesome” as the ref begins his 20 count. Mondo goes underneath the ring and hides under there so he can knock Jacobs off the apron. Mondo with left & right jabs, followed by some knees. Mondo with a Mind Trip variation for a nearfall. Mondo calls his shot, then goes to the middle rope. Jacobs avoids him, but Mondo with a Spear for a nearfall. Mondo goes for a powerbomb, but Jacobs counters out. Mondo tries for a Sunset flip, but Jacobs rolls through. Jacobs locks in End Time, but Mondo counters with a bridging suplex for a nearfall. Jacobs, however, holds onto End Time. Mondo gets to his feet and counters out. Mondo goes for the Double Arm DDT, but Jacobs slips out. Jacobs goes for the Contra Code, but Mondo slips out.

Both men exchange O’Connor Rolls until Jacobs with one, but uses the ropes to steal the victory.

Winner: “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs (SCUM) by pinfall (O’Connor Roll & using the ropes)

Jacobs taunts Mondo to celebrate his victory as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, its not the usual “Inside ROH” as Steve Corino has hijacked it and made it this week, “Inside SCUM”.

Corino says how long will it take for SCUM to destroy ROH? What is the motivation of the new members of SCUM? Has Kevin Steen exhausted all challengers? Will Kevin Kelly get out of the closet I put him in? And am I Jay Lethal’s father? All this, on “Inside SCUM”. Corino yells at a production guy to put up the right graphic for “Inside SCUM” before we go to the 1st topic.

Corino says SCUM has taken over pro wrestling’s most hypocritical company and will burn it to the ground. Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness & Mayhem is what we bring and our numbers are growing. Corino says that Rhett Titus has had it rough lately. ROH thought Kenny King was the star of ANX and never gave Rhett any opportunities when King left. Corino says he knew Rhett was the real star of ANX and not the “Marty”. When Rhett brought in BJ Whitmer, once again, ROH overlooked Rhett and instead catered to BJ. Now, Rhett has found faith in SCUM.

Cliff Compton is someone who has been overlooked and kicked out of every company he has been in. He was promised by Jim Cornette that he’d be brought in, but never was. Corino in Jim Cornette voice says “next time, Cliff”. Now, Cornette is gone and Compton is here and will prove that SCUM will destroy ROH.

Jimmy Rave is one of the greatest wrestlers in ROH history. Rave has defeated some of the greats, but personal demons stopped him from getting some opportunities. Rave has cleaned up and has wanted to prove himself, but ROH wouldn’t give him the time of day. Don’t they realize that Rave works with children? That is how ROH treated one of their greats, chew him up and spit him out. They didn’t give him an opportunity to get his job back. Rave now has a chance to come back in a family that will accept him, SCUM.

Corino says it is no secret that Matt Hardy has been disrespected by ROH since day one by officials and especially, Nigel McGuinness. The system has completely screwed over Hardy, even with his ROH win/loss record and mainstream presence. He has 800,000 Twitter followers and Nigel wouldn’t give him his rightful TV Title shot. The bonehead fans that boo him don’t realize that it was 8 years ago that Hardy yelled “ROH” on Monday Night RAW and ROH still hasn’t show him any respect. But, here in SCUM, we will show Matt his rightful respect and appreciation.

These new members, Rhino & the fore-fathers, Jimmy Jacobs & Kevin Steen, comprise the most powerful faction in wrestling, SCUM. ROH thinks that Jay Briscoe, the bridesmaid, the guy that always gets the shot, but isn’t man enough to win the title. At Supercard of Honor, Kevin Steen will destroy not only Jay Briscoe, but Mark Briscoe. So the question is, ROH, what are you gonna do without #DemBoys? The same defeat that many others suffered. At Supercard of Honor, we run out of challengers. We go to comments from Kevin Steen.

Steen says they bring him out here to talk about SCUM and what the plans are, but he doesn’t know and quite frankly, does not care. Supercard of Honor is upon us and its not gonna be about SCUM, its gonna be out Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe, one of the most anticipated ROH World Title matches since I’ve had the title. Now Jay, you are one of the toughest men in ROH and I found that out early on…..

Before we can continue with the promo, Corino tells them to cut it off. Corino says regardless of what Steen just said, he will retain the title at Supercard of Honor. Corino closes “Inside SCUM”, then yells at a production guy that he told him not to play that promo and he was supposed to play another promo.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event. But before we can there, Steve Corino has a mic and says he has given Kevin Steen the night off and is taking him out of the next match and will replace Steen, with himself, even though he is wearing a suit. This leads to….

Main Event in a 6-Man Tag: “The Buzzsaw” B.J. Whitmer, Jay Lethal & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin (ROH) vs. “The Self-Proclaimed Icon” Matt Hardy, “The Man-Beast” Rhino & “The King of Old School” Steve Corino (SCUM)

The fight is on as all 6 brawl around the ring. Lethal & Corino are left in the ring as Corino offers Lethal a SCUM t-shirt. Lethal takes it, then puts a wad of snot on it to show Corino what he thinks of SCUM. Lethal steps on Corino’s glasses, then nails Corino with a right hand. Lethal chokes Corino while Hardy & Elgin go back inside the ring. Elgin counters a Twist of Fate, but Hardy gets his boot up. Elgin comes back with a fallaway slam, followed by a 30 second delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. The commentators mention that Nigel McGuinness has said that this match will be under Relaxed Rules, which means there will be no need for a tag in this match. Rhino sends Whitmer into the barricade while Elgin stomps away at Hardy. Lethal sends Rhino into the barricade, then they fight back in the ring. Rhino with a shoulder tackle, but Lethal with chops & right hands. Lethal with a handspring elbow, followed by a springboard dropkick for a nearfall. Elgin sends Corino into the barricade while Lethal chokes Rhino as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Lethal with a head of steam and hits a no ropes plancha onto 4 members of SCUM, including Rave & Compton, who came out to ringside during the commercial. Rhino nails Elgin from behind as Whitmer fights back on Hardy. Hardy answers with a Side Effect, then SCUM begins to beat down Lethal & Elgin on the outside. Corino comes back in and goes after Whitmer. Rhino & Hardy come back in while the rest of SCUM attack Lethal & Elgin, tying them up with the zip-ties that they used at the 11th Anniversary. Whitmer is left all alone with Rhino, Hardy & Corino, who take turns taking shots at Whitmer. Hardy with a neckbreaker on Whitmer as the assault continues on a defenseless Elgin & Lethal. SCUM double-team Whitmer, but he avoids a charge by Rhino and spinebusters Hardy. Snap slam on Titus, followed by the Exploder on Rave. Corino is left with Whitmer, but doesn’t realize Rhino is behind him. Corino spits at Whitmer, but when Whitmer turns around, he is drilled by a Gore from Rhino. Rhino tells Corino to pin Whitmer, but Corino motions Hardy in the ring.

Hardy hits Whitmer with the Twist of Fate for the victory.

Winners: “The Self-Proclaimed Icon” Matt Hardy, “The Man-Beast” Rhino & “The King of Old School” Steve Corino (SCUM) by pinfall (Twist of Fate)

SCUM celebrates their victory after the match as they have run the table tonight against ROH. Lethal & Elgin are still tied up with the zip-ties as SCUM begins to leave. Lethal & Elgin finally get free and they chase SCUM away. Jay Briscoe comes out with a microphone and says SCUM has got it twisted. At Supercard of Honor, ROH kills SCUM. And Kevin Steen, in New York City, this sling comes off of me and that belt comes off of you. Lethal, Elgin & Jay check on Whitmer as we leave Chicago.

We close with a hype video for the Supercard of Honor iPPV next Friday as we go to credits.