Ring of Honor on Sinclair
September 8, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see video highlighting what happened in the 2 1st Round ROH Tag Team Title Tournament matches last week before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD, then take us right into the opening match.

ROH Tag Team Title Tournament 1st Round Match: #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) vs. BLK OUT (Ruckus & Blk Jeez)

BLK OUT is consisted of Ruckus, a former ROH star as part of the Vulture Squad group, along with being involved with the only season of Wrestling Society X. Jeez is better known for being Rashad Cameron in TNA this year around the time of Destination X. Both currently work for CZW.

Code of Honor adhered to surprisingly before the bell sounds, as Mark & Ruckus will start things off. Mark with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle off an Irish whip. Ruckus with a leapfrog, then catches Mark with a headscissors takeover. Ruckus then hits a handspring into a kick. Ruckus drives Mark into his corner and then taunts the crowd. Ruckus, however, takes too much time as he runs into a back elbow by Mark. Jeez holds onto Mark’s arm, but Mark knocks him off the apron. Mark lands on his feet off a backdrop attempt and nails Ruckus with some Redneck Kung Fu. Tag to Jay, who nails Ruckus with a running boot while Mark nails Jeez with a baseball slide. Jay sends Ruckus into the corner and begins to stomp away at him. Corner whip by Jay, but Ruckus ducks underneath a clothesline. Jay ducks underneath a Ruckus clothesline attempt and goozles him, setting up for a chokeslam, but Ruckus nails him with a dropkick to break free. Tag to Jeez, but Jay nails him with a shoulder tackle off an Irish whip. Jeez with a leapfrog, then as Jay tries for a leapfrog, Jeez catches him in mid-air with a dropkick. Tag to Mark, but Jeez catches him with a rana. Both Briscoes are now on the outside as Jeez gets a head of steam and takes out the Briscoes with a somersault plancha. Then, Ruckus leaps off the apron, hitting a shooting star press onto Jay. All 4 men are down on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jeez tries to nail Jay with a dropkick, but Jay blocks it while Mark blind tags in. Jay sends Jeez into a boot by Mark. Mark hits another boot to Jeez, followed by a snapmare takeover. Mark leaps onto the 2nd rope and does his little dance, but Jeez moves out of the way on the back senton attempt. Jeez gains a 1 count, then knocks Jay off the apron. Both men exchange strikes to one another until Jeez sends Mark to his corner before tagging in Ruckus. Ruckus with a suplex for a nearfall. Tag to Jeez as BLK OUT hits their version of the Hart Attack, then Ruckus takes Mark over in a Boston Crab while Jeez nails Mark with a leg drop to the back of the head. Ruckus then does a front bridge while grabbing onto Mark’s head as Jeez hits a front dropkick to Mark, but Jay comes in and breaks up the pin attempt. Tag to Ruckus, who nails Mark with a forearm and a shoulder to the gut. Corner whip by Ruckus, but Mark catches him and hits an exploder suplex into the corner.

Mark with a forward roll and tags in Jay, who nails Jeez with a series of double sledges to the top of the head. Jay with a boot to Ruckus, then peppers Jeez with a numerous number of jabs. Jay with a high back drop to Jeez off an Irish whip, but Ruckus nails him from behind. Corner whip by Ruckus, who hits a handspring back elbow. Ruckus does a forward roll, but Jay catches him with a standing spinebuster slam. Jay hits a Falcon Arrow on Jeez, but Ruckus breaks up the pin attempt. Jay places Jeez on the turnbuckles, but Jeez blocks a right hand. Jeez then with a leapfrog headscissors takeover on Jay, followed by charging and connecting with Shotgun Knees in the corner. Ruckus hits a leg lariat, then powerbombs Jeez onto Jay and they get a nearfall as Mark comes in. Ruckus sends Mark to the outside and gets the tag in by Jeez. BLK OUT motions that its over as they set up for a double team, but Jay blocks it. Then, Mark comes back in and nails Jeez with the Uncle Mule Kick. Jay counters a Ruckus move attempt and nails him with a discus forearm. Jay then hits a Hangmans style neckbreaker on Ruckus while Mark heads up top.

Mark hits Ruckus with the Froggy Bow and Jay pins Ruckus to get the victory.

Winners and advancing to the semi-finals of the ROH Tag Title Tournament: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Froggy Bow)

The Briscoes celebrate their win with the crowd as we go backstage where Veda Scott is with Truth Martini.

Martini: “The deal with the devil has already been made”. “Jim Cornette, you had a problem and I brought the solution”. “The “Man Beast” Rhino, he is gonna be your Ring of Honor World Champion”. “Kevin Steen vs. “The Man Beast” Rhino and that night, I promise you, I promise all of you, you are gonna see a new Ring of World Champion in the “Man Beast” Rhino.

Veda asks Martini about the problems between Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin.

Martini: “Ah, ta ta ta ta”. “Veda Scott, look at you, you’re just like the rest of these people, always trying to stir something up”. “Listen to professional athletes, yes they get hot-headed”. “But remember, at the end of the day, they always listen to me”. “I’ll never steer them in the wrong direction”.

Veda then asks Martini if he’s worried about if S.C.U.M. might get revenge on the House of Truth.

Martini: “Worried?” (laughs) “Remember Veda Scott, at the end of the day, Truth always outnumbers S.C.U.M”. (laughs)


“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/”The 1st Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis vs. “Rock & Roll” Mike Sydal

“Brutal” Bob Evans joins Kelly & McGuinness at the commentary table for this match. Code of Honor sorta adhered to as the bell sounds as Bennett slapped the hand of Sydal. Bennett with a kick to the leg of Sydal as Evans says he is wearing his “day off” hat because this will be a day off for Bennett. Sydal slides under Bennett’s legs and goes for a waistlock, but Bennett nails him with a back elbow. Sydal then nails Bennett with a dropkick. We see Evans giving Nigel a cigar at the announce table as Sydal with a side headlock. Bennett goes for a back suplex, but Sydal lands on his feet. Sydal blocks a right hand and nails Bennett with a forearm. Sydal with another forearm, then ducks under a right hand attempt and hits Bennett with a rana. Bennett goes to the corner as Sydal charges and connects with a Miz style corner clothesline. Sydal heads up top, but Bennett knocks him off the ropes and to the outside with a dropkick. Bennett sends Sydal into the barricade, then has words with the crowd. Bennett sends Sydal again into the barricade as Evans says he told Bennett to take it “nice and easy” in this match and that he only 30 to 40% of effort to win the match. Back in the ring, Bennett gains a nearfall. Bennett unloads with a series of right hands, stomps & chops in the corner. The crowd chants “You can’t wrestle” at Bennett, who snapmares Sydal and locks him in a keylock. Sydal breaks free with gut shots, but Bennett catches him with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Bennett goes for a piledriver, but referee Todd Sinclair stops him from doing so. Bennett has words with Sinclair, but that allows Sydal to take Bennett down and hook him with a jackknife pin for a nearfall.

Sydal does a Matrix move to avoid a Bennett clothesline, followed by connecting with a leaping neckbreaker. Bennett drives Sydal into the corner, but then Sydal gets his knees up off a corner charge. Sydal heads up to the middle rope and connects with something out of his older brother’s playbook, the flying double knees. Sydal then with another staple of his older brother’s repertoire, the standing moonsault for a nearfall. Bennett comes back by nailing Sydal with a boot to the head. Bennett lifts up Sydal and hits the Photo Finish, but decides to pull Sydal up. Bennett points to Maria as he hooks Sydal in a Cobra Clutch of sorts, obviously wanting to make Sydal submit. However, while that is going on, Mike Mondo comes out to ringside, grabs a hold of Maria and proceeds to KISS HER ON THE LIPS! Bennett sees this and goes after Mondo and the chase is on. Bennett chases Mondo to the back while Sinclair starts the 20 count.

Bennett doesn’t come back out while Maria is still in a state of shock as to what just happened and this gives Sydal the victory.

Winner: “Rock & Roll” Mike Sydal by count-out

Evans leaves the commentary table in disgust as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Barrister R.D. Evans has joined Kelly & McGuinness at the announce table for our next match.

“The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa vs. “Alabama Attitude” Mike Posey

Ciampa shoos Posey away as Posey wanted to adhere to the Code of Honor. Ciampa then comes out of the corner and drills Posey with a boot as the bell sounds. Ciampa unloads with stomps to Posey, but misses a clothesline as Posey goes for a crossbody, however Ciampa catches him in mid-air. Ciampa lifts Posey onto his shoulders, but Posey hooks on a front chancery. However, Ciampa lifts up Posey and throws him over the ropes and to the outside. Ciampa has a sick look on his face as he goes outside and goes to remove the ring mats, however Posey gets back in the ring. Posey goes back outside and hotshots Ciampa across the top rope, then heads up top, hitting a leg lariat for a 1 count. That incenses Ciampa, who pops up and nails Posey with a clothesline. Posey goes to the corner as Ciampa pulls down the kneepad while Evans explains how he took all of Prince Nana’s money from him and it was all by the book. Ciampa then drills Posey with the running Knockout Knee not once, not twice, but three times.

Ciampa then deadlifts Posey up and hits Project Ciampa for the victory.

Winner: “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Project Ciampa)

After the match, we see Prince Nana come in at the announce table and attack R.D. Evans, tearing apart the announce table area. Ciampa then runs Nana off and goes to check on Evans as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

  • The 1st topic is the fact that the 2 semi-finals in the ROH Tag Title Tournament at “Death Before Dishonor X” are set. They are S.C.U.M. vs. Coleman/Alexander and the Briscoes vs. Charlie Haas & Rhett Titus. It has also been revealed that off his indefinite suspension, Shelton Benjamin will be in Charlie Haas’s corner at “Death Before Dishonor X”. We go to comments from Haas & Titus.

    Haas: “1 down, 2 to go and we’re going to Chicago”. “And guess what? Shelton Benjamin’s coming with me, his suspension is up and you think I would honestly go in to a tournament of this magnitude with just Rhett Titus?” “You stupid?” “No, see Shelton’s gonna be my cornerman for this tournament, he’s gonna be there to see when I, along with Rhett Titus, win the semis and the finals”. “And Rhett, I could care less if you like it or not, deal with it”.

    Titus: “We’re headin’ to Chicago, Death Before Dishonor and all of a sudden, Charlie Haas wants to drop this bombshell on me?” ‘He lets me know that his regular partner, Shelton Benjamin, is gonna be in our corner for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Title Tournament?” “Well Shelton Benjamin, I don’t trust you for a damn second”. “And Shelton Benjamin, I don’t particularly like you either”. “So not only am I gonna have eyes on my opponents across the ring, I’m gonna have my eyes in the back of my head and just in case one of you guys wants to do something funny, you will find out that Rhett Titus may only be one man, but I can fight like two”.

  • The final topic is that a new match has been announced for “Death Before Dishonor X” as Jay Lethal will face Homicide. We see video highlighting what happened last week with Lethal before we go to comments from him.

    Lethal: “You know a couple of people have asked me why I did what I did, but the question is, are you really surprised?” “I mean, are you really shocked?” “When you think about it, a man can only be pushed and poked for so long before he changes his outlook on life”. “And by no means am I saying I’m ready to rebel against society, but I am saying that I’m driven and my motivation is to become the Ring of Honor World Champion”. “With that said, in Chicago Ridge, I take on Homicide, a former Ring of Honor World Champion, a man known to be nasty, a man who brings a fork to the ring”. “Well Homicide, in Chicago Ridge, you bring that fork and I’ll bring the main course, because I’m gonna hand feed you this ass whipping”. “When I wake up, everyone in Ring of Honor, especially Jim Cornette and I open their eyes and I prove to them that I am the man that’s gonna take out Kevin Steen, I am the man that’s gonna become the next Ring of Honor World Champion”.


    Back from commercial, we see a video package on Michael Elgin before the main event.

    Main Event for the Ring of Honor Television Title: Adam Cole (c) vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini & The Guardians of Truth

    Both men adhere to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds, much to the dismay of Martini. Elgin backs Cole into the corner and breaks clean. Cole with a side headlock, then no one goes down off a shoulder tackle attempt by Elgin. Cole counters a slam and tries for a roll-up, but Elgin holds onto the ropes. Cole with a pair of leapfrogs, then tries for an armdrag, but Elgin blocks it. Elgin lifts up Cole, but Cole slips out and sends Elgin into the corner. Cole goes for a superkick, but Elgin catches his foot. Elgin goes for a spinning backfist, but Cole ducks and we have a stalemate. Cole with a waistlock, but Elgin backs him into the corner. Cole slips out and hits a pair of gut shots, but Elgin shoves him off. Elgin misses a clothesline, then goes Cole for a rana, but Elgin blocks it. Cole then counters with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Elgin with a pin attempt for a nearfall. Both men then trade pin attempts until Cole with a kick to the gut. Elgin blocks a corner whip attempt and whips Cole to the corner. Cole with a kick to the leg of Elgin, then hits a 2nd rope dropkick to the same leg. Cole with a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Cole goes for a suplex, but Elgin blocks it, then kicks Cole in the gut. Elgin goes for a powerbomb, but Cole blocks that. Cole with a single leg takedown and tries for a submission, but Elgin gets to the ropes. Elgin kicks Cole off, then hits a German Suplex for a nearfall. Elgin with a pair of chops in the corner, but Cole fights back with some of his own until Elgin with a knee to the gut. Elgin places Cole on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Cole fights off a superplex attempt and tries for a Sunset flip powerbomb, but Elgin holds on to the ropes. Cole crotches Elgin on the middle rope, then hits a lungblower. Both men exchange forearms from their knees, then on their feet until Elgin gains the advantage. Cole comes in off Elgin’s blind side, ducks under a clothesline and nails Elgin with an enziguri. Cole lands on the apron off a back drop attempt, then heads up top, but Elgin catches him in mid-air when he tried for a crossbody. Elgin goes for the Buckle Bomb, but Cole slips out. Cole blocks a spinning backfist, then drills Elgin with a superkick. Cole hits the Brainbuster across his knee for a close nearfall. Cole goes for the Figure Four, but Elgin kicks him off. Cole with a back kick to the gut, then goes for a 2nd rope Sunset flip, but Elgin rolls through it, then deadlifts Cole and hits the Buckle Bomb, but the referee was in his path as Cole wipes out the referee in the process.

    Elgin is upset at his mistake as he goes to check on the referee. While this is happening, the Guardians come in and start putting the boots to Cole. Elgin pulls Cole aside and yells at the Guardians. This brings out all 3 members of S.C.U.M, as Corino & Jacobs attack the Guardians while Steen & Elgin have a middle of the ring face-off. A shoving match ensues until both men slug it out in the center of the ring. Rhino then comes in and attacks Steen, then Roderick Strong comes out to help Rhino out. However, Elgin moves Strong away and then they both have words with each other in the center of the ring. A shoving match ensues between Strong & Elgin while the fight continues between the House of Truth & S.C.U.M. The referee & Cole are down as the match is I guess ruled a no contest.

    No Contest

    The brawling continues as we go to credits.

    Final card for “Death Before Dishonor X” this Saturday on iPPV:

    ROH World Champion Kevin Steen defends against “The Man Beast” Rhino

    **NEW** ROH World Tag Team Champions will be Crowned!!
    – S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino) vs. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman
    – Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas vs. The Winner of BLK OUT & Briscoes

    The American Wolf Davey Richards Returns to ROH

    ROH World TV Championship Match
    ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole vs. “No Fear” Mike Mondo

    Special Challenge
    ACH makes his ROH Debut vs. Kyle O’Reilly

    Survival Of The Fittest Tournament Qualifier Match
    Tadarius Thomas vs. Silas Young

    Special Challenge Match
    Jay Lethal vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide

    Tag Team Attraction
    The House of Truth (“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong) w/ Truth Martini vs. The Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist)

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