ROH on HDNet Recap
August 9, 2010
The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

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The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling…on HDNet!

The show began with some hype of Tyler Black as the ROH World Champion. They showed a clip of Christopher Daniels and said that he was on a quest to be the best. Tonight, Black will face Daniels one-on-one for the first time in this week’s main event.

The viewers watched at ringside Jim Cornette who is with the ROH World Champion Tyler Black. Cornette welcome the crowd in downtown Philadelphia and announced the main event to the audience. Cornette then looked at Black and said that he would have a tough opponent. Black said he (Black) defeated Aries for the title. Then Black said he defeated Davey Richards, Chris Hero, and Roderick Strong. Black said tonight he will defeat Christopher Daniels (though I think he said “Danjels”, I am not sure) before he ever earned a title shot. Black said he would continue to be the best but then addressed the fans.

Black said that he got so many fans since his win and he appreciated all their support. Black said because of them he give 110% in the ring. He said there are fans that cheer for other wrestlers and that is ok, because it is America. Black admitted that there is a great locker room of talent in ROH. Cornette said that was a nice sign of sportsmanship from the champion.

Black then called out all the fans that just boo him and tell him that “he sucks”. Black mentioned how some fans just want the ROH title to go to someone else. Black said to those fans to kiss his ass because he has no respect for those fans and he uses that hatred to make him stronger. He then vowed to be the ROH World Champion for a long time…until he signs with the WWE (ok, I added the WWE bit but he won’t be ROH Champion for another five weeks).

Enter Kidd Russell’s theme. It could not have happened at a better time.

Right after the theme song, The Necro Butcher (sporting a shaved head and a beard Grizzly Redwood would be proud of) and “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown were going at it inside the ring. Mike Hogewood said there was no time for introductions and the match began.

Butcher’s Rules
The Necro Butcher (w/Prince Nana and Mr. Ernesto Osiris) vs. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown

Of course there was no Code of Honor, the match began before the ROH theme ended.

Notes on Butcher: Well, Osiris helped him out early with a chair. When Brown ran at him, Necro placed the chair on a charging Brown and Brown’s head hit the chair flush. Necro attempted a Jackknife pin and I was surprised he could do that. He executed a decent neckbreaker. Later in the match, he went did a top rope punch that looked a bit off. Before the match ended, Nana tried to give him a chair. However, nothing was done with that until the bell rang.

Notes on Brown: One thing that he did well was the chops. He brightened Necro’s chest up with those chops! He brawled well with a series of punches. He also dumped him over the ropes and onto the floor on a few occasions.

Finish: As “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown was about to take out Necro Butcher in the ring, Erick Stevens ran in and started to attack Brown. The referee then called for the bell and awarded Brown the win….by DQ…in a Butcher’s Rules Match!

Winner by Disqualification: “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown
Grade: C- (leaned towards a C)

After the match, the locker room tried to break up the brawl inside the ring. The Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis) ran in and cleaned house. Outside the ring, Prince Nana expressed a good bit of anger and clubbed someone with a chair (Go Nana!). Brown locked the head of Necro, but managed to escape along with The Embassy. Someone (I don’t know who) bodyslammed a referee onto the floor. At the end of the melee, The DCFC and Brown stood strong in the ring.

The viewers then go backstage, where Kyle Durden, the ROH interviewer and more badass than Michael Cole, talked to Christopher Daniels. Durden talked about the strong words from Tyler Black and Daniels reminded Black that it was one-on-one. Daniels said tonight it is about respect and that is important to him. Daniels reminded the audience that Black said that he would beat him tonight, and that is a sign of disrespect. Daniels did not care about those comments, but called Black a punk. Daniels said that he would earn Black’s respect and that was the gospel according to the fallen angel.

The ROH Disembodied voice told the viewers at Death Before Dishonor VIII, Roderick Strong earned a title shot that he can use anytime. However, next week Strong will put that title shot on the line against Davey Richards.

The viewers would then see a taped promo by Davey Richards. The production team showed a clip of Richards vs. Black from Death before Dishonor and he said it was NOT the Match of the Year because he did not defeat Black. Richards said that he threw everything at Black, but Black kept kicking out. Richards said that he does not have much friends, but ROH is the best in pro wrestling. Richards then set his mind at Roderick Strong and how great of a wrestler he is. Richards also said that he wished that Strong did not align himself with Truth Martini. Richard concluded the promo when he said next week we will find out how good Strong will be in the main event.

Next match is underway, looks to be a squash.

Colt Cabana vs. Alex Anthony

Colt Cabana got streamers (well deserved) and Dave Prazak said that Anthony “looks like a mix of Sabu and Little Richard.” I guess if any of you want to see the recap check it out on YouTube. The resemblance is almost right. The Code of Honor was applied.

Notes on Cabana: You could just tell from his reactions that this would be an easy match. He even laughed the moment the bell rang. When he tied up with Anthony, he constantly overpowered him. He even let referee Todd Sinclair in on the match, which was a very enjoyable element. Anthony was trying to roll him up on numerous occasions, but Cabana at one point just knocked him down by butting him with, well, his butt. After a Flying Asshole (aka the Butt-Butt on HDNet) and a Bionic Elbow, he finished him off.

Notes on Anthony: At least he tried to roll Cabana up a few times, but was not a factor in this match. When he shoved Cabana, Cabana looked at him sternly.

Finish: After Colt Cabana hit Alex Anthony with a Bionic Elbow, he made Anthony submit to the Billy Goat’s Curse. It was then when in fact Mike Hogewood slapped the porpoise.

Winner by Submission: Colt Cabana
Grade: D+ (the plus for the entertainment Cabana provided)

After the match, Kevin Steen started to walk around the outside of the ring with a chair. Steen kept banging the chair along the ROH barricades. Steve Corino then attacked Cabana from behind with a chain! Corino then started to choke Cabana out with the chain until El Generico ran into the ring with a chair in his hand. Steen then grabbed Anthony and an ROH security guy so Steen could use them as a human shield in case Generico tried to attack him.

HDNet then plugged some ROH shows that will be upcoming. The upcoming cities will be Philadelphia, Richmond, and Charlotte. You can buy tickets at (but be warned of computer threats).

Then there was a video package promoting ROH’s successful tag teams. Featured were The Briscoe Brothers, The American Wolves, Dark City Fight Club, The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus), and the ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli). However, on September 11 in Manhattan The Kings of Wrestling will take on Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (WGTT – Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team). It will be a part of the Glory by Honor IX card and for fifteen bucks you can get it at Do yourselves a favor and pick this PPV up! You won’t be disappointed. Hell, David Stephens and I were thinking about doing a post-show on this PPV if we get approval.

Next week, The Kings of Wrestling will talk about their upcoming dream match against Haas and Benjamin.

Moments ago, Steve Corino chocked out Colt Cabana with some chain.

Mike Hogewood is in the announce booth screaming “What purpose does this have?” Dave Prazak said that the rivalry is getting more violent and Hogewood does not the way this is headed.

The viewers then go backstage where Kyle Durden was backstage with Roderick Strong and Truth Martini. Durden said that next week, Strong will take on Davey Richards and the winner will earn a title shot. Martini asked Strong why Durden was talking to him. Strong had no idea. Martini said in “The Book of Truth” that in order to succeed, one must fail. Martini said that Strong must be Richards’ nightmare. Strong then said he never had hardships, and Richards is another stepping stone. Strong said his comments were the truth. Durden reminded the viewers that next week the title opportunity will be on the line.

“The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise said the following contest is the MAIN EVENT! I believe him.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
ROH World Champion Tyler Black vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

There was NO Code of Honor for the main event. Both got streamers thrown at their direction before they entered the ring and the yelled at each other for a few seconds before and after the match started.

Notes on Daniels: Tied up with Black all around the ring to begin. However Daniels gained the momentum early with consistent work on the arm. He held on to the arm and twisted it around a bit. Daniels also executed beautiful armdrags and turned it into an armbar. He continued to attack the left arm of Black with all those attacks. When Black tried to get an edge, Daniels went right at the arm which showed good technical presence. Daniels executed a great Bridging Suplex, then followed with more attacks to the arm. Daniels used the STO to get out of trouble later on in the match, and it was perfect. Black worked on his head and shoulder area later on in the match. The one way he sold the attacks to the head was when he did the palm strikes and punches, he was pretty dizzy. Daniels then tried to chop Black down a bit, but when hit with a kick to the head. Black set up a Figure Four Headlock, but Daniels moments later rolled up to a pinfall to break the hold. Once he got the edge in the match again, he did the Blue Thunder Powerbomb and finalized with an Enzugiri. Daniels then hit a perfect Split-leg moonsault. His Death Valley Driver was crisp. He countered Black’s Buckle Bomb by driving Black’s head to the buckle, it was a terrific counter. Daniels even managed to his the Fall from Grace, which was done well. Black was unaware that Daniels had a Koji Clutch in his arsenal, as Daniels applied it out of nowhere. Such a solid, all-around performance from Daniels.

Notes on Black: As with Daniels, he started the match with a tie-up all around the ring. After many moments of being grounded by Daniels, he would do a work on the head and shoulder area of Daniels. He went right at him with an Enzugiri to finally gain control after being dominated for four minutes. Black also did a flip dive over the top rope, but no pressure was on that shoulder. A running boot to Daniels’ head was a good spot for Black as well. Inside the ring, Black slammed Daniels down right, then stomped on Daniels’ neck. Black then went with the chinlock/face rake (kind of like a heel tactic) and executed the Figure Four Headlock very well. Later on, Black missed on the Phoenix Splash, but was able to connect with a Well-Placed Superkick to Daniels head. Black was pretty good with his emotions as well, showed frustration when he could not win the match with a pinfall.

Finish: Tyler Black and Christopher Daniels were exchanging rollup pin attempts for a little less than a minute when the timekeeper rang the bell. It was announced that the time limit for the match expired. So this match ended in a Draw.

Grade: B+ (leaned towards a B)

After the match, both Black and Daniels were upset. Roderick Strong and Truth Martini then entered the ring. Strong told Daniels that he could not get the job done. Strong told Black that he deserved his title shot. Davey Richards then entered the ring and told Strong to hold up. Richards said that next week, Strong has to get through “this wolf (referring to him)” to earn that title shot. Daniels then said hold on! He said that Black never pinned him. All four men exchanged words as the show ended.

Finally, there was more hype for next week’s main event. It will be Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong for Strong’s Title Shot.

Quick Results
“Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown def. The Necro Butcher via Disqualification
Colt Cabana def. Alex Anthony via Submission
ROH World Champion Tyler Black and Christopher Daniels fought to a Time Limit Draw.

When Colt Cabana made Alex Anthony tap out to the Billy Goat’s Curse, it made Mike Hogewood in fact “Slap his Porpoise”.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

The card was ok, but I think ROH used this week’s show to form a much bigger picture towards Glory by Honor. It told good stories and further advanced feuds, and for that I was pretty happy with most of tonight’s show.

Before I go to my thoughts, please check out the latest “From the Desk of Mr. V” column to see my thoughts on Tyler Black signing with the WWE and the future of the ROH World Championship. I put a lot of effort in that piece and I hope you enjoy it. If not, let me know your displeasure.

Speaking of Black, he was in the ring with Jim Cornett to start the show. I thought Cornette was very good on the mic tonight, but Black’s seemed off. Black seemed to be scripted and did not show the emotion on the mic when he needed it. It is ok to be pissed off at fans that just downright hate him, but add a little more edginess to that promo. Also, messing up Daniels’ name hurt a bit on style points. Doesn’t ROH edit some of these things?

Daniels cut a solid promo leading up to the night’s main event. He was clear and to the point about meeting his objectives. If he did not get Black’s respect, he totally got mine.

The Richards promo was pretty good, even though I heard the story before in a previous ROH show. Honestly, he is a good man to put the ROH Title on. But he is not in a storyline to take him there right now. Still, expect next week’s match with him and Strong to be very intense (but with a bit of no-selling).

Castagnoli/Hero vs. Haas/Benjamin…BUY IT!!

The interview with Truth Martini and Roderick Strong came out ok. I am not a fan of Strong on the mic, but he really is showing more potential on there with the help of a manager. Speaking of managers, Truth Martini may be one of the best I have seen in a long time. He provides advice for his talents and does not mind getting dirty in a match (example when he took out Christopher Daniels with a book last week). If he comes out on top next week, he is a good man to put the title on when Black finally has to drop the title.

Butcher vs. Brown was an average, all-out brawl. I could not really type much about it because they were just punching and chopping for the most part. The one thing I did not like was the ending. I thought Butcher’s Rules were no DQ matches, yet the ref called for one the moment Embassy member Erick Stevens attacked Brown. It was just confusing in my opinion.

Cabana vs. Anthony was one of the funniest squash matches I have ever seen. It did not do much for Cabana until after the match, when Steen and Corino attacked him for a few moments.

Black vs. Daniels was a pretty good main event. Both were very technical, especially Daniels in the first few minutes of the match. The pace was actually close to perfect for ROH standards. It did get a bit too fast with the pin attempts, but at this draw was not as obvious as some other promotion’s that had a former ROH guy involved in it (Joe vs. Jeff from Impact). It was a solid, back and forth main event and I thought in this case a time limit draw was an excellent result. It made Daniels still a threat to the title and it made Black have a legitimate opponent to drop the belt to when the timing is right.

Even though the wrestling would be subpar in my standards, I liked the stories that each match had after the bell rang. This week their words spoke louder than their actions, which made it a pretty good show. However, it was not a show that really “wowed” me.

Overall Grade: B-

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Christopher Daniels

This one of the best showings by Daniels in quite some time. The way he controlled Black’s shoulder in the first five minutes of this match was pretty nice to see. Daniels demonstrated many disciplines in this match, from this surprising power to his ground work. Overall, it was an impressive showing.

Disappointment of the Night: The DQ Finish

A Disqualification in a Butcher’s Rules Match? Really? I am sorry if I sound disappointed in that.

Surprise of the Night: Corino’s chain

This adds another weapon to this long feud between Cabana and Corino. Just when the feud starts to fade a little bit they throw in a new element. I honestly can’t wait for the payoff of this feud. It has potential to be one of the best in my years watching pro wrestling.

Other ROH happenings!

Pick 6 Standings (as of 7/25/10)

1) Roderick Strong
2) Christopher Daniels
3) Kevin Steen
4) Colt Cabana
5) Chris Hero
6) Davey Richards

ROH Tag Wars 2010

Group A:

NECRO BUTCHER/ERICK STEVENS def. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown/Grizzly Redwood
JAY BRISCOE/MARK BRISCOE def. Christian Able/Josh Raymond

Group B:

COLT CABANA/EL GENERICO def. Davey Richards/Eddie Edwards
KENNY KING/RHETT TITUS def. Delirious/Jerry Lynn

Group C:

JON DAVIS/KORY CHAVIS def. Shawn Daivari/Ernesto Osiris

That does it for ROH on HDNet (the recap edition). I am Anthony J. Valvo and I hope you have a good weekend. See you on Thursday with another “From the Desk of Mr. V” column!


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