Ring of Honor Results – 1/16/09
Location: Manassas, Virginia

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Ring Of Honor
Sports Network and Fitness Inc.
January 16th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime
8320 Quarry Road
Manassas, VA 20110



1) Ernie Osiris & John Kermon defeat Dirty Sanchez & Andy Ridge after Ernie pins Ridge with a spike double arm DDT. Ridge had an impressive showing.

2) Grizzly Redwood defeats Ninja Pink with a top rope axe handle. Tons of lumberjack antics, including using his hand as a chainsaw!

Main Show

~Attendance looks to be between 300-400 as the show gets started. Return date of June 12th.

1) Brent Albright & Erick Stevens defeat Damien Wayne & Chris Escobar with a half nelson suplex/clothesline combo on Escobar. Stevens is growing back the mohawk again. Wayne and Escobar played heel in the match. Wayne’s chest was red and bloody after the match.

2) Rhett Titus vs. Sean Denny ends in a no contest as Bison Smith comes in through the crowd and completely destroys them both. Smith left through the crowd chased by security. Before the run in Titus and Denny had a solid 8 minute contest. One of Denny’s better matches.

3) The Necro Butcher defeats Delirious with a Tiger Driver. Necro was in control early on but Jacobs attacked his knee, which led to Delirious working it over. Delirious goes for Shadows Over Hell but gets punched on the way down. Delirious gets control back and Jacobs gives him the spike. Daizee is out and talks Delirious out of hitting Necro and gets him to hand the spike over.

4) Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards defeat Jay Briscoe & Roderick Strong with a superkick/german suplex combo on Jay after Sweeney hit him with a boot. Best match of the night thus far. Crowd was really in to it.


5) Jerry Lynn defeats Austin Aries by dropping down on him as Aries went for a sunset flip out of the corner. Aries came out with new tights, and to new music. Aries had shaved all his facial hair short of the mustache. Aries said all will be explained in his manifesto. Aries was super cocky and flamboyant throughout the match.

6) Jimmy Jacobs defeats Bryan Danielson by rolling through the Triangle Choke in to a bridging pin. Fantastic match with Danielson’s right knee being Jacob’s target throughout.

7) Tyler Black defeats Nigel McGuinness with a powerbomb in the corner followed by a stiff superkick. Not as many nearfalls as there were in Philly and New York. Best match of the night with the best heat.