WWE Superstars
September 20, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars recap.

If you all are ready, then since Adelitas Way is playing the intro, let’s get on with the show!

Ted DiBiase vs. “Brooklyn’s Flyest” JTG

DiBiase with a single leg takedown, but gets no count off a pin attempt. JTG piefaces DiBiase, then retreats to the ropes when DiBiase goes after him to create some distance. This allows JTG to hit a kick to the gut, followed by a shoulder tackle. JTG taunts the crowd, but when he turns around, DiBiase nails him with a dropkick. DiBiase with a hiptoss, then hits a clothesline that sends JTG over the ropes and to the outside. DiBiase gets a head of steam and hits a tope dive before playing to the crowd. Back in the ring, DiBiase gains a nearfall, followed by a gut shot in the corner. DiBiase goes for the 10 punches, but before he can get to 4, JTG slips out and then hotshots DiBiase on the turnbuckles face first.

JTG with a clothesline for a nearfall. JTG stomps away at DiBiase, then gains a 1 count. JTG locks in a reverse bearhug as the crowd wills on DiBiase. DiBiase breaks free, but then misses a right hand, allowing JTG to connect with a back suplex into a neckbreaker for another nearfall. DiBiase then surprises JTG with an inside cradle for a nearfall. However, JTG comes right back with a knee to the gut. JTG stomps away at the abdomen of DiBiase while grabbing hold of his arm. JTG then drives a series of knees to the gut of DiBiase before gaining yet another nearfall. JTG with another stomp, then paintbrushes DiBiase in the back of the head while talking trash. This fires up DiBiase, who fights back with right hands. However, JTG reverses a corner whip and sends DiBiase hard into the opposite corner as DiBiase bounces off the corner and goes down to the mat. JTG with another nearfall, then hooks DiBiase in a body scissors while driving his leg across DiBiase’s abdomen. DiBiase is able to break free with back elbows, then fights back with gut shots. JTG then sidesteps a back drop attempt with a drop-down uppercut. However, DiBiase comes right back with his blind side clothesline.

DiBiase with a running knee strike, followed by a sit-out spinebuster slam for a nearfall. DiBiase is all fired up, but he runs into boots by JTG in the corner. JTG goes to the middle rope and leaps, but DiBiase catches him in mid-air with a dropkick to the ribs for a nearfall. DiBiase goes after JTG, but JTG sends him throat first into the middle rope. JTG with a roll-up for a nearfall.

DiBiase then counters a whip attempt and hits JTG with Dream Street for the victory.

Winner: Ted DiBiase by pinfall (Dream Street)


“The Punjabi Nightmare” Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre backs Mahal into the corner, then breaks. Mahal with a waistlock, but McIntyre counters into one of his own. Mahal gets himself to the ropes to force a break, then nails McIntyre with a back elbow. Mahal with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle off an Irish whip. McIntyre then with a leapfrog, followed by a dropkick. McIntyre blocks Mahal’s boots off a charge and unloads with a series of right hands and clubs. Corner whip by McIntyre, but Mahal moves out of the way. McIntyre with a back elbow, but when he goes to the middle rope, Mahal takes him down with an arm whip.

Mahal stomps away at McIntyre, then hits a leaping knee drop. Mahal drives McIntyre’s previously injured wrist into the mat, followed by an uppercut to it. Crowd chants “USA” as Mahal with a double sledge to the back, followed by a butterfly suplex for a 1 count. Mahal locks in an arm hold as the crowd wills on McIntyre. McIntyre tries to break free, but Mahal hits a knee to the gut. Mahal with an elbow to the back of the head, but McIntyre sidesteps his back drop attempt with a kick to the face. However, Mahal comes right back with another knee to the gut. Mahal then nails McIntyre with a soccer kick to the injured wrist for a nearfall. Mahal with a dropkick to the side of McIntyre’s head, followed by another stomp to the wrist. Mahal pulls at McIntyre’s arm in the ropes, then McIntyre breaks free with back elbows. However, Mahal comes back with a clothesline, followed by a knee drop to the wrist while using the ropes for extra assistance. Mahal with a Russian leg sweep for a 1 count. Mahal tries to work on the wrist again, but McIntyre breaks him off with right hands. Mahal with a kick to the gut, then hits another shot to the wrist. Mahal with another elbow to the back of the head, but then McIntyre nearly takes his head off with a big clothesline.

McIntyre with an elbow, a leaping elbow in the corner and finally a snap suplex for a nearfall. Mahal then counters a whip attempt and pulls at the injured wrist again. However, McIntyre comes baqck with a running boot to the head.

McIntyre with a “thumbs up, thumbs down” signal, then hooks Mahal and hits the Future Shock DDT for the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre by pinfall (Future Shock DDT)


Back from commercial, we see video that was shown on RAW of Jerry Lawler arriving in Memphis this past Monday and being greeted by the WWE doctor who saved his life last week in Montreal.

David “A List” Otunga vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd with a hammerlock, but Otunga counters out with a hiptoss. Otunga flexes, then counters a Kidd attempt at a waistlock with a hammerlock of his own. Kidd gets himself to the ropes, then maneuvers him out and back into the ring so he can counter the hammerlock into one of his own. However, Otunga’s arm is in the ropes, so Kidd has to break. Kidd does some of his own flexing, then takes down Otunga with a drop toe hold. Kidd with a La Magistral for a nearfall. Otunga comes back with a kick to the gut, but then Kidd holds onto the ropes off a whip attempt. Kidd hits his backflip kick, followed by a shoulder to the gut. Kidd starts to leap for a springboard, but Otunga nails him with a forearm, sending Kidd to the outside.

Otunga stomps away at Kidd, then sends him into the barricade. Otunga with a club to the chest, then sends Kidd back into the ring. Otunga with a charging clothesline in the corner, followed by a flying shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Otunga with a step-over chinlock as the crowd wills on Kidd. Kidd tries to break free, but Otunga with a club to the back. Otunga tries for a full nelson, but Kidd slips out and rolls up Otunga for a 1 count. Kidd catches Otunga with a back elbow, followed by a chop.

Otunga misses a clothesline and Kidd hits a series of kicks to his leg. Kidd follows up with a spin kick to the face, a spinning back kick to the gut and finally a running front dropkick to the side of Otunga’s head. Kidd is all fired up as he hits a back suplex for a nearfall. Kidd goes out to the apron, then catches Otunga with an enziguri. Kidd heads up top, however Otunga charges and Kidd does a somersault over him to avoid any contact.

Kidd charges, but Otunga catches him with The Verdict (One-Handed Standing Spinebuster) for the victory.

Winner: David “A List” Otunga by pinfall (The Verdict)

Otunga poses to celebrate as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “RAW Rebound”, highlighting what happened between John Cena & CM Punk before this week’s main event.

Main Event: The Prime-Time Players (“Mr. No Days Off” Darren Young & “The Big Deal” Titus O’Neil) vs. The Usos (Jey & Jimmy)

Jey & Young will start things off as Young does some pre-match picking of his afro. Young tries right away for the Gutcheck, lifting Jey up, but Jey gets out and messes with Young’s afro. Young is unhappy, but he gets an uppercut for his troubles. Jey sends Young into his corner, then tags in Jimmy. The Usos with a double back elbow & double elbow drop for a nearfall. Jimmy with a hard chop, then tags in Jey. Jimmy with a pair of shoulders to the gut, followed by a leaping forearm by Jey in the corner. Young puts on the brakes off a whip attempt as Jey was trying for a superkick, then tags in Titus. Jey ducks under a boot attempt and hits a series of right hands on Titus. However, Titus comes right back with a slam. Titus with the Gator call, but Jey moves out of the way on an elbow drop attempt. Tag to Jimmy, who hits a pair of right hands. Titus shoves him away, but Jimmy comes back with an enziguri that sends Titus to his corner. Young tags in, but Jimmy with a hiptoss. Jimmy with an “Uso” chant, but Young comes back with a pair of knees to the gut. Jimmy then comes back by reversing a corner whip by Young and the sheer velocity of Jimmy’s whip sends Young over the ropes and to the outside. Jimmy then heads up top and takes out Young with a crossbody. Titus comes in to help, but Jimmy ducks under a clothesline, allowing Jey to leap off the apron and nail Titus with a flying shoulder tackle. The Usos play to the crowd back in the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jimmy catches Young with an elbow for a nearfall. Jimmy with an uppercut, then avoids a Young charge in the corner after Young had reversed a whip. Jimmy goes to the apron and nails Titus coming in with a right hand. However, that distraction allows Young to hit Jimmy with a neckbreaker across the top rope, sending Jimmy to the outside.

Tag to Titus, who turns Jimmy inside out with a big clothesline on the outside. Titus has words with some of the fans in the front row, then sends Jimmy back into the ring where he gains a nearfall. Titus locks in a chinlock as the crowd wills on Jimmy. Jimmy tries to break free, but Titus nails him with a knee to the gut. Tag to Young, who is picked up by Titus and sent down across Jimmy, standing gourdbuster style, for a nearfall. Young with 2 more pin attempts, but Jimmy kicks out each time at 1. Tag to Titus, as Young lifts up Jimmy for a suplex, then brings him down and in the process, Titus kicks Jimmy in the ribs. Titus has more words with the crowd before he nails Jimmy with an uppercut for another nearfall. Titus has words with the referee, but then Jimmy fights back with gut shots. However, Titus once again stops the flurry with another knee to the gut. Titus trash talks Jimmy, but again Jimmy fights back with gut shots, followed by a back drop and both men are down.

Young & Jey get the tags as Jey with a pair of running forearms, a savate kick to the gut and an uppercut. Young misses a clothesline and Jey catches him coming in with the twisting forearm, although the timing off and it caught Young on the leg instead of the face. Jey with an “Uso” chant as Young is clutching his leg. Jey charges and connects with the Samoan Bulldozer Butt Smash, but Titus breaks up the pin attempt. Jimmy comes in, but Titus sends him through the ropes and to the outside. Jimmy then grabs Titus’s leg and pulls him to the outside. Jimmy goes for something, but Titus sends him into the apron. Back in the ring, Jey hits a Samoan Drop on Young, then heads up top for the Samoan Splash, but Titus pulls at the rope to stop Jey. This allows Young to crotch Jey on the ropes.

Tag to Titus as the Prime-Time Players hit the backbreaker/2nd rope elbow drop combo on Jey for the victory.

Winners: The Prime-Time Players by pinfall (2nd rope elbow drop/backbreaker combo)

The Prime-Time Players do their “Billions of Dollars” dance to celebrate as we go to credits.

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